Securus “Video Visitation – Every Day” Improves Inmate and Family Relationships

Incarceration for crime hits many hard with the realization of losing personal freedoms. However, it comes as a shock to family and friends whose relationship has been terminated. On the other hand, communication remains as the only solution to maintaining such relationships. The only delimiting factor to such communication is the cost involved. To solve this and more problems, Securus Technologies now offers video visitation that is aimed at improving inmate visitation.


Through web-based visitation program, inmate visitation has been availed to visitors on an everyday basis. The simple requirement to the visitation includes having internet access or simply the “home visitation app.” Considering that these factors are available, the next step involves making a connection with the system. Consequently, the visitor is not limited to the number of visitations only the visitation hours. With Video Visitation – Everyday, an inmate can be updated on what they miss from the outside world. On an individual level, I believe that it provides the chance to reduce the likelihood of repeat crimes. Such reduction would arise from the desire to be part of the updates as well as the feeling of real appreciation.


In addition to the number of visits, everyday video visitation also provides an opportunity to be involved in family life. For example, an incarcerated parent will remotely participate in the daily events that define their children or spouses. Consequently, where there are variations in children visitation in onsite visits, video visitation does not limit such visits. The inmate is offered an opportunity to stay connected and involved that improves on relationships.


Therefore, there are many benefits attributable to video visitation as contrasted with onsite visits. Some of these include increased visitation time that changes from a few days to seven days in a week. There is also the increase in visitation hours that increase from 7 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. Such increase in time and flexibility of the program gives ample time to involve inmates in occasions.


Securus Technologies that is the organization behind these innovations is based in Dallas Texas. Video visitation is not the only product associated with it because it is a technology and communications service provider. Under its leadership, the company continues to experience exponential growth that has seen it retain its relationship with the corrections facilities. Among its other inventions, include investigator Pro 4.0 that has in many ways changed correctional investigations. Though credited with many inventions, the video visitation not only improves visitation but also brings inmates to everyday involvement in their families’ lives.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.