The Entrepreneurial Doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna

It is believed that some professions and career options can be more demanding than others. The field of medicine is one that tops that list. However, Dr. Mark McKenna, licensed in medicine and surgery in Georgia, proves otherwise.

After graduating from Tulane University alongside practicing in medicine, he started his own real estate firm. From the very onset, he had been able to tap into the niche in the market. He realized that the field of real estate was a viable venture and he dived into it head on.

After working for about ten years in the medical field, Dr. McKenna realized that he could do something in aesthetics. Therefore, he invented OVME which is a one of a kind innovation in the medical field. One cannot mention aesthetics in medicine and fail to call on Dr. McKenna’s name.

One may be wondering how he is still able to advance his skills in entrepreneurship. Well, he does not even have an academic background in business studies yet has been able to venture into that field and been successful. It is because Dr. Mark McKenna is a knowledge seeker.

Mark is an avid reader. He believes that in books there are indeed hidden treasures and fountains of knowledge and only those who tap into these can be successful. This is one of the things that has enabled him to advance in his business ventures. More than that, he ensures that he has set goals which he plans to achieve whether in long-term or short-term.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also keen to check the company that he keeps. He is careful to ensure that he is around people who can build him into being greater. Furthermore, Mark has role models and people whom he looks up to.

It is of importance to note that Dr. Mark McKenna leads a healthy lifestyle too. This, he does by ensuring that he includes fitness into his daily schedule. He is also blessed to have a family, being married Gianine, with whom they have born a daughter together. They also have a dog as a pet.

Truly Dr. Mark McKenna inspires people to push for excellence in as many fields as they can. He inspires those around him to strive and get out of their comfort zones.

The Great Ideas of Paul Mampilly in the Sphere of Business

Paul Mampilly is a businessperson with outstanding skills. His wits in the arena of business have earned him an honor from the Templeton Foundation investment. The award of the Paul made him recognized as one of the great businessmen across the world. It came after a competitive event involving many people nominated for the same award. The step pushed him to steer up his duties as a businessperson. He has shared his skills through many TV station programs. One of the TV shows that he has attended is in Bloomberg TV. The techniques he has put in implementing the ideas in the circle of business are modern, and the step has placed him in a better position. Furthermore, his excellent managerial skills have boosted in driving the spotted concepts towards the right niche. The high moves he has made in the stage of business is the opening of the new company by the name Profits Unlimited. The reason behind the formation of the group was to let the newcomers in the market find the best ways of reading the movements in the circle of exchange. He has made significant returns on his investment due to the excellent modes of analyzing the market.

Mampilly was born in the country of India. He then got the exposure of the business ideas from the environment where he grew up. Since his earlier childhood life, he had the passion of implementing plans. The other factor that has made him succeed is the experience of more than two decades exercising his skills in the field. His familiarity with this environment has made him handling the arising challenges with ease. There are a lot of companies that he has served. For instance, before making his debut in the business matters, he was at Deutsche Bank. The knowledge that he has in pushing the goals of the companies to the possible point has made Mampilly considered as a critical asset by several firms approaching him. The other group that he has a good record of service is Royal Bank based Scotland.

Mampilly partnered with a team of members in the year 2012 to come up with an agenda of forming drugs development firm. Within the same year, he sold all the shares and made a massive profits approximated to be more than 2,000 percent.

Paul Mampilly has proved himself to be a great person in the sphere of business through the application of his skills in reading trends in the market.

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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Increasing Cancer Knowledge via WebMD

Those that work at Cancer Treatment Centers of America know how important that education on cancer care truly is. Individuals that have some knowledge regarding their cancer diagnosis are far more likely to adhere to the recommended course of treatments. CTCA hopes to increase the knowledge of more people in the community. Earlier diagnoses can save lives as these people are more inclined to seek medical treatment in a faster time period. Cancer Treatment Center of America is a leading provider of specialized cancer care, and the staff is dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare in a compassionate manner to all of their welcome patients.

Both cancer patients and their worried families often struggle to understand the complex meanings of various types of cancer care. Individuals undergoing cancer treatment are likely to look into their specific cancer diagnosis and the latest treatments that are available. Many individuals find the answers that they seek online through their computer and/or their smart phone’s Internet searches. Now, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers state-of-the-art updated cancer information via the Internet on WebMD. This medical related informative website is one of the best medical websites on the Internet today. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides the site with facts, information and important details on various cancer topics.

WebMD has proven to be a trustworthy site for gathering medical details on the Internet. By teaming up with this website, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is expanding their reader base for cancer information. Many individuals rely on the Internet to provide their latest news and other information that they are interested in. CTCA adds to the integrity of WebMD posts regarding specialized cancer related articles. These short pieces are easier to read than looking up cancer facts in a medical book that is hard for the average citizen to really understand.

The ability for cancer patients and their concerned friends and family to get quick information about cancer that they can comprehend is paramount to the success of any cancer treatments. WebMD posts easy-to-comprehend details on current cancer related information like the latest cancer drugs and treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America believe that more cancer education will lower the mortality rates for cancer victims due to earlier treatment and care. This cancer care provider is committed to increasing the public’s knowledge on cancer and more. CTCA also provides a source of support to cancer patients.

Sahm Adrangi, Founder and CIO of Kerrisdale

Back in 2009 Kerrisdale was founded with less than a million dollars, now Kerrisdale manages more than $150 million with its founder, Sahm Adrangi carefully watching the whole way. Kerrisdale is a investment management firm that deals and publishes research with a goal to help people better understand what is misunderstood by the mass of the market.

Sahm Adrangi holds a bachelors in economics for Yale, where he graduated from in 2003. After graduating from Yale Sahm Adrangi spent a few years working as an analyst for both Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management, LLC before founding his own company in 2009.

Shortly after Mr. Adrangi started Kerrisdale he exposed many chinese businesses as being fraudulent. In 2010 and 2011 he exposed companies such as China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, Lihua International. China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education Corp as well as others found themselves in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Kerrisdale shares research in many different subjects but there are a few that Sahm Adrangi is keeping the company focused on, such as biotechnology, the mining sector and the telecommunications sector. Within these fields there have been many companies that Sahm Adrangi has questioned including First Majestic Silver, Dish Network and Straight Path Communications.

But Mr. Adrangi does not only work in outing companies, he also plays an active role in helping companies. He helped the Lindsay Corporation in 2013 with their cash deployment and capital allocation policies.

Sahm Adrangi has come so far in such a short time that he has caught the attention of many publications including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the Washington Post. He also has impressively been speaker at conferences such as Sohn Conference, Distressed Debt Investing Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, Value Investing Conference and the Activist Investor Conference.

Neurofeedback Is Helping Patients Kiss ADHD Goodbye

When eight-year-old Jackson Pojeskis mother noticed he was experiencing frequent meltdowns and having difficulty sleeping, she was determined to help him get back on track. The simple task of finishing his homework, or putting away his laundry began to frustrate him, and he often felt misunderstood. Although he had never actually been diagnosed with ADHD, Tiffany, his mother, had been giving him melatonin supplements every night, just to help him get the rest he needed.

Fueled by the desire to understand what Jackson was going through, Tiffany contacted Neurocore and after just 40 sessions she noticed significant changed in Jackson. His tantrums became far less frequent, and his function had greatly improved. Rochelle Fintelman, a Neurocore clinical specialist, says the clinic regularly treats patients who suffer from behavioral or anxiety disorders using a combination of biofeedback and neurofeedback. Read more about Neurocore at

Research shows that 11 percent of kids ages 4 to 17 living in the U.S. are diagnosed with ADHD. Most of these kids only use prescription medication for management of their condition. Because some medications often produce dangerous side effects, Neurocore offers an alternative for patients and families who want to explore non-medicated treatment for stress-related disorders. Neurofeedback is a direct training of the brain, and its functions. It aids in the stabilization of the brain and can reduce the long-term effects associated with anxiety and depression.


Founded in 2004, Neurocore Brain Performance Centers specialize in providing data-driven assessments and training programs to improve the overall wellbeing of children suffering from behavioral and stress-related disorders. Using the individual brain data of each patient the Neurocore team develops a program based on their individual needs. By analyzing data, researchers can isolate the source of the patient’s individual condition and help train the brain to resolve these issues on its own. Neurocores approach to the treatment of these disorders has quickly established them as leaders in the field of neuroscience. Read more about Neurocore at

Find Cancer Options From CTCA on WebMD Now

Gone are the days when only the doctors had all of the answers. Today, many investigate anything to do with their health. Some may have a distrust of healthcare professionals. Mostly, it is simply a change of the times where students learn early to question things on their own. Indeed, it is these younger generations that are more apt to look up symptoms of illness on the Internet instead of first going to the doctor. This can be bad if that person landed on a website that didn’t provide accurate information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are big believers in informing their patients about their options and treatments. For this reason, CTCA has built an alliance of sorts with WebMD to provide necessary information regarding cancer options in a truthful and explainable format.

WebMD has been named a trustworthy Internet source that writes on health issues. They recently teamed with CTCA and provided their cancer information on their well known and widely read webpage. These recent articles are being promoted now to combat the inaccurate information on cancer that people are already getting through unsavory or just misguided websites. With this type of team effort, these healthcare educators are striving to provide the best information that is the most up-to-date for those people that are really needing to find accurate answers. It is not uncommon for family members of ill relatives to do research on their own in order to help. With Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD, it is hoped that word gets out that not all information on the Internet is accurate. However, the Internet can be a positive tool in providing expert education and information regarding cancer care options and new cancer news when qualified entities input the information. CTCA is a leading cancer healthcare organization.

AI Can Create An Ecommerce Recommendation Engine For Your Online Store

As technology in the internet and marketing increase, online stores are gaining more and more power in how they decide how to appeal to customers and make sales via their online store. Since the competition on the internet to sell products and services online is as high as it has ever been, you need your online store to be personalized for your customers. Many online stores are now creating recommendation software that can take into account your customers previous purchases on the online store and create recommendations to customers on what they should buy, and they are creating search engines that are full of recommended products to customers so that they can find the products that they will love quicker and easier instead of scrolling through a website and search engine. This has created an AI race among online stores because AI has been created that can do all of these advanced things for your online store for you.

AI can create a recommendation engine for your website that will give your customers recommendations based on previous sales data so that they can instantly see products that they will love instead of manually searching for them on your website. This search engine can give profit to you form your online store because now customers can see instantly products that they love. Since AI does this, you can do other things in your business and let AI do the hard work in creating this search engine. AI can also look through your customers search data to make these recommendations based on color, style, sizing, and other important data points. Being able to give your customers a list of products they will love will make customers want to buy more, and they will come back to your website more often instead of your competitor’s websites because they know they can find the products they want to buy fast on your online store.

Marketing on the internet can be complicated and expensive, that is why you need customers to come back to your online store instead of going to your competitor’s online store. Allowing AI to build recommendation engines for your online store will save you time, money, and hassle. Instead of having to focus on this and learning how to complete an engine, you can allow AI to do it for you while you focus on other parts of your business. To gain an edge against your competitors, you need AI.