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End Citizens United Backs Molly Kelly In Gubernatorial Race.

End Citizens United has spent the past three or four years working to develop their grassroots foundation in order to try and bring real change to the political environment of the United States of America. Their core goal is to help promote legislators who are willing to stand up for campaign finance reform. Specifically, End Citizens United is hoping that they can help support politicians who will work to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United which led to dark money flooding into Washington DC. With so many politicians getting money from special interests, this is a tough task that will take a lot of work and a lot of moving parts to accomplish. In order to help facilitate this change, ECU has endorsed Molly Kelly in her race for governor of New Hampshire.

Molly Kelly is a prominent Democrat from New Hampshire and she has already gone on record as being willing to champion campaign finance reform. Specifically, Kelly has already refused and rejected corporate donors from her political campaign. In doing so, Kelly is setting herself up in direct contrast with her Republican opponent, Chris Sununu. Sununu, the current governor of New Hampshire, is beholden to special interests and, according to Kelly and End Citizens United, cannot perform his duty to his constituents. With an energized End Citizens United behind Molly Kelly, there is hope that Kelly will be able to take the governor’s seat away from incumbent Sununu. Follow the group on facebook.com

Molly Kelly took to the airwaves in response to her endorsement from End Citizens United in order to further cement herself as the polar opposite of the current governor. Kelly implied that Sununu was just more of Donald Trump’s policies and interests in dark money. She continued to echo her attack on Sununu by claiming that he is completely beholden to special interests, a stance which can be proven by Sununu’s refusal to reject corporate money. With ECU behind Kelly, there is a chance that there could be a changing of the guard in New Hampshire but we won’t know for sure until the 2018 Midterm Elections get underway across the country.

Learn more: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/ 


Betsy DeVos Seeks To Fix Education In America Forever

We are living in exciting times to be an American. The entire political landscape of the country was turned on its head in 2016 when Donald Trump, a reality TV star and real estate mogul, won the presidency over the establishment choice of Hilary Clinton. It was made evidently clear that there was a test being run on the American public, albeit incidentally, and that the results pointed to how important it was for there to be lasting change in the country on a major level. Inside of the halls of the White House, President Trump quickly got to work assembling a Cabinet full of outsiders who specializes in unique ways to approach dealing with problems at the federal level. Of his many major appointments, one name stood out above the rest: Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos was selected by President Trump in order to serve as the Secretary of Education for the entire country. Betsy DeVos is a prominent GOP supporter and donor from the state of Michigan and for the past thirty years or so she has been hard at work establishing herself as one of the leading conservative figures on education reform. Betsy DeVos had no federal work experience when she was tabbed by President Trump to serve in his Cabinet but her hard work as a private citizen made her an easy hire. What exactly is the change that Betsy DeVos is going to be bringing into the White House and, consequently, to the rest of America?


For Betsy DeVos, working as the Secretary of Education is perhaps the most effective tool that she could have dreamed of acquiring in her hunt to fix public education for the better. DeVos has been one of the most prominent supporters of educational choice policies that allow parents to pick and choose the education that most fits their children without being penalized by taxes for doing so. Betsy DeVos and other believers of school choice are of the mindset that public funding for education should be used on charter schools and private institutions as well. After all, why should a parent pay taxes into the school system if their child isn’t receiving any benefits from it?


Coming into Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos knows that she has a lot that she needs to prove in order to keep up in the new environment. The swamp of Washington D.C.’s political scene is notorious for a reason and the establishment has been known to reject up-and-comers like DeVos. With that being said, Betsy DeVos has already established herself as a sharp mind and someone who is fierce when put in the debate hall. With Betsy DeVos leading the Department of Education, things might actually get done.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Waiakea Water: Hawaiian volcanic water that does more than just help with hydration.

27 year old Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water with the goal to do more and be better and he seems to be succeeding. It would be a challenge to break into and be successful in this industry, but Emmons had a unique idea and the drive to push forward to make this work.

Emmon’s creation, Waiakea water, comes from Hawaiian volcanic springs and is naturally filtered as it flows through volcanic rock. This unique natural filter infuses the water with beneficial alkaline minerals and electrolytes. Waiakea Water’s Ph value is around 7 which makes it comparable to other waters on the market but without the additives that some other waters use.

Waiakea Water didn’t stop at just the nutrient filled water. They looked for a way to manufacture this product with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. They did the research and found an incredibly environmentally friendly way to bottle this volcanic water. By using post–consumer recycled bottles and adding a nano-additive called TimePlast they have cut the time for bottles to decompose from the typical 1000+ years to about 15 years; as well as limited the emissions from the manufacturing process. Pretty impressive.

This still was not enough for this company. Waiakea water recognized the need for fresh water in some communities around the world and jumped in to help by partnering with Pump Aid. Together they help to bring clean water to areas that may otherwise not have any.

These efforts are getting them noticed. In just a few short years this company has grown fast and is proving to be a real player in this industry.

This volcanic water’s benefits go well beyond simple hydration. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process and bottles combined with the social awareness of Waiakea Water as a company make this a company to watch and learn from.


Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry completed his actuarial mathematics studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. When he graduated from the institute in 2000, he became part of the global investment company known as Schroders. After he worked for the management conglomerate for several years, he went to the United States in 2007 so that he could work for Fortress Investment Group. Over the years, he has risen in ranks within the company and is currently the managing director of the company.

In this position, he oversees marketing for the corporation in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. Also, he supervises the wealth and pension funds for the firm. In an article published in ideamensch on 28th August 2018, he indicated that his idea of establishing a company emerged from his attraction to the manner in which finance and mathematics merged in varying ways and ever since he began to comprehend economics and risk management, he has never looked back. One of the things that set him apart is that he has a flair for talking to team members, clients, and strangers regarding their investments. To know more about him click here.

Gareth Henry believes that some of the things that bring ideas to life include enthusiasm and passion. To convert an idea into reality, he has to find in it and can later execute it. Various trends excite him. One of them is the shift to direct deal and single asset investments, particularly in private equity and credit. The other direction involves blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As an entrepreneur, continuous communication makes him more productive.

Gareth Henry perceives pipeline management to be a key aspect in sales. When asked what he would consider doing over and over again, he indicated that getting feedback from his team, peers, and clients are something that he holds close. To him, feedback is vital when it comes to comprehending the internal and external dynamics of the field that one is working within. To expand his business, mentorship has played a pivotal part. For any entrepreneur, Gareth Henry can be an excellent example of how and what should be done to make a business successful.

Learn more: https://angel.co/gareth-j-henry