Steve Ritchie Assumes Duty of Regaining Trust

Steve Ritchie, the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s third largest pizza delivery company, makes an “I’m sorry” apology to Papa John’s customer in a letter sent out in an email to the company’s customers. According to Wikipedia, the purpose of Steve Ritchie’s apology was to do some damage control in the wake of the racial controversy buffeting the company. This controversy has had a negative impact on sales of the company’s pizza and threatens the future of the company. As such, Steve Ritchie’s apology was absolutely necessary. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie denounces racism, empathized with offended or hurt customers, and stated that racist behavior from an employee would not go unpunished. And he distanced himself and the company of 120,000 employees from the person who seems to have racist views.

Aside from offering a sincere and direct apology, Steve Ritchie promised that transparent actions will be taken by the company. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns hopes to quell issues regarding the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness by retaining independent auditors to inquire into these issues. Steve Ritchie has absolutely no doubt that the company can pass muster concerning those issues and undoubtedly on that basis decided upon promising to take that action. Another action specifically promised by Steve Ritchie is that the company’s senior management team, which includes himself, will be traveling across the country to visit their franchises and to talk to their employees to obtain their feedback concerning the matter. Throughout the process of winning back Papa John’s customers’ trust, Steve Ritchie promises to be completely transparent with the company’s customers and desires that they hold him personally accountable. Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) concludes by appreciating the loyalty of Papa John’s customer and attribute credit to them for making the company what it has grown to become—the world’s 3rd largest pizza delivery company.

What you need to know about Tempus

The fight against cancer has a new weapon. Eric Lefkofsky has partnered with the world famous Mayo Clinic to help in the battle against various forms of cancer, including lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma. The science behind the role of Lefkofsky company plays involves the ability to study cancer at the genetic level.Lefkofsky hopes this will not be the only partnership he creates. Tempus has already formed partnerships with other health care organizations that include Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Lefkofsky educational background, that includes the University of Michigan and a JD from University of Michigan Law School, along with current duties as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, give him an insight into the role of research at the university level.Lefkofsky hopes that the role this new partnership has will be a help to oncologists, who will be able to access a vast database and in doing save valuable time and hugely affect survival rates.

The new partnership has already been given a boost by the injection of $80 million of new business investment.The end game to the partnership will the formation of a database so thorough that decisions on cancer treatments can be tailored to the patient and time can be saved by not using treatments that would not be effective. The partnership will have the ability to process the data of 50,000 patients a year. The database will help creative an holistic strategy that will help with all aspects of the treatment process.

Wes Edens Big Investment

Wes Edens, a private equity investor and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has taken up the task of helping resolve the massive traffic problem of south Florida by constructing a train line between Miami and Fort Lauderdale known as Brightline. If there were no traffic to slow one down, the trip between the two cities takes around 45 minutes. It is extremely rare for there to be no traffic—or even lighter traffic—so it usually takes drives at least twice as long. The Brightline makes the trip every single time in just 30 minutes. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

It’s one-way Smart Service coach costs passengers just $10. This price is expected to rise much as the line gets longer. Since opening its first stretch, the line has also added another stretch to West Palm Beach with future plans to continue it to Orlando. This last stretch will be the longest so the train will get as fast as 135 mph. As its status now stands, Brightline is the only privately owned and operated train line in the country. After completing the entire Florida train line, Wes Edens plans to build similar lines in other areas of the country that have serious traffic problems.

Wes Edens entered professional life by earning a B.A. in Finance from Oregon State University. He then immediately began working in several different positions in the financial industry. In 1998 he co-founded Fortress and became its co-chairman and co-CEO, positions which he still holds. This quickly made Edens an extremely rich man. In 2014 he and a partner became co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. This past January, he and his partners sold Fortress to SoftBank Group Corp. for $3.3 billion. However, all of the top leadership of Fortress has remained unchanged. Wes Edens has agreed to remain with Fortress for five more years.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Philanthropically-Driven Plastic Surgeon of Dallas, TX

People both inside and outside of the medical field have become very acquainted with the numerous medical achievements and contributions of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. Within the medical community, he is highly recognized by colleagues for being innovative and exceptionally skilled in his profession as a board-certifies plastic surgeon. However, outside of the medical community he is best known by patients for being genuinely concerned and compassionate in his relationship with patients. From surveys taken by Dr. Jejurikar’s patients, he is not only highly recommended for his wonderfully positive attitude, but also for his professional knowledge acquired through his 11-20 years of experience that enables him to provide patients with a thorough understanding of their surgical procedures.

At the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute (Dr. Jejurikar’s office), he incorporates a meticulous daily practice of reconstructing the body and face and performing hair transplants in the most refined manner as possible through the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. He also uses a Crisalix 3D Imaging System that creates realistic post-surgery results to initiate an understanding of expectations for patients. Furthermore, out of his concern for the manageability and preservation of patients’ skin, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar teamed up with skin care scientists to develop his own line of state-of-the-art skin care products with anti-aging ingredients that strive to slow the formation of fine lines and wrinkles that typically accommodate the aging process.

In addition to helping patients in his office and at several of the hospitals he is affiliated with (Dallas Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, etc.), Dr. Sameer makes it an extended obligation of his to give back to the less fortunate. To medically assist underprivileged children outside of the U.S., Dr. Jejurikar teamed up with Smile Bangladesh to partake within several medical missions to the country to help the local children there. For Dr. Jejurikar, helping disadvantaged children is a great service to the world because in helping them to have a fair chance at life, the future has a better chance of being led by the best.

Creating To-Do Advice from Upwork

Freelances from any profession have a single aspect in common. They all have their own ways of planning out work and tasks. This often takes the form of a personalized list. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for Freelancers. They have been in business since the popularization of the internet, and have gone through several re-branding phases. They recently posted a blog post to help users create more effective to-do lists.

Starting with the fundamentals of a to-do list, list out everything you can possible thing of needing to accomplish. Having everything in a single place does wonders for planning the day, while also acting as a reference points in the days and weeks ahead. Naturally if at all possible, attempt to prepare the list in advance. Knowing what to accomplish and in what order will a long ways in time efficiency. A good freelancer has a strong gauge of timing in completing important tasks.

The next series of tips requires strong self-discipline skills. A well experienced Freelancer knows where do draw the lines for priorities. Tasks are divided up to prevent stress, and often reorganized to account for new tasks or realizing work can be completed in quicker ways. A proper list should never be a source of anxiety. It is simply a guideline, and can changed at any second for any reason. Freelances know their limit and plan tasks accordingly.

There are countless individuals who dream of becoming freelancers for the lifestyle freedom, but what they may not realize in the level of self-discipline it requires. Tasks have to completed in a timely manner, and there is nobody over your shoulder to remind you of important deadlines. A to-do list is a vital component to ensuring everything is completed on time, and in a satisfactory manner.