Bruno Fagali: One of the Most Outstanding Lawyers in Brazil

Lawyers are known for having the required resources and knowledge to assist in guiding, advising and the litigation process. As a business owner or a company’s manager, it is advisable for you to retain a lawyer as you continue with your operation since business disputes might erupt any moment. A lawyer helps in all legal situations if a need arises.

One of the lawyers you can depend on especially if you are a Brazil resident is Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession as he graduated with his law degree from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He excels mostly in all matters administrative law. After graduating, he decided to go back to the University of Sao Paulo for his Master’s degree in law. Apart from administrative law, Bruno Fagali specializes in civil law, bidding law, public law, electoral & anti-corruption law among others.

He owns an advertising agency whose obligation is public interest communication. He has always been driven by self-motivation in attaining his intended goal and the passion of making any business successful. Bruno Fagali is aware of the fact that he is a lawyer for a particular reason and he has to fulfill this purpose for him to say he is a lawyer. Not many lawyers understand this concept, and this is why Bruno Fagali has been able to make a name for himself and become an outstanding lawyer.

His great personality, attitude and eagerness to become a successful individual has made him engage in various affiliated law congresses and seminars. Through these programs, he has a chance to teach the future lawyers what they need to know for them to succeed in the law industry. He isn’t selfish to the point of keeping what he knows to himself as he wants the industry to be filled by qualified lawyers who aim at practicing law. He knows that he gets a chance to change a young person life through these programs and that is why he goes to these conferences and seminars.

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