The launching of Frontera fund

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by the armed selective enforcement unit on the evening of October 18, 2007. The two Village Voice Media officials were by force expelled from their Phoenix-range homes and pushed into unmarked SUVs with dull tinted windows and Mexican tags. They were later set up for discrete prisons under the management of Arpaio. The captures had been actuated and done by Arpaio. The man who named himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff” had for quite some time been offended by Phoenix New Times stories that uncovered his offenses. The daily paper provided details regarding Arpaio’s man-centric part in encouraging hostile to Mexican dread mongering and political posing in Arizona.

The settlement fund

Lacey and Larkin were apparently captured for penning a main story in Phoenix New Times that uncovered how, in an amazing attack to the Constitution, Arpaio’s partners at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office had issued excellent jury subpoenas looking for insights about the daily paper’s journalists, editors, and readers, including perusers’ close to home perusing histories and IP addresses. Lacey and Larkin reserved the settlement cash for the Frontera Fund, an extraordinary activity expected to a great extent to profit the Hispanic people group that has borne the brunt of the racial ill will and social equality manhandle in Arizona.

Indeed, even as government officials on the two sides of the passageway started battling for the 2014 midterm races by copying Arpaio’s against Hispanic political posing, Lacey and Larkin unobtrusively started dispersing Frontera Fund dollars to profit commendable not-for-profit bunches that supporter for Hispanic social liberties and causes. Sheriff Joe Arpaio insulted and kept Mexican beggars and also anybody with dark colored skin, including American residents, watched Lacey. He helped encourage a dread which finished in the 2014 decision with one congressional applicant’s publicizing indicating ISIS fear mongers crossing from Mexico into Arizona. He later concluded that according to his point of view they were better than that situation and that Jim and he were on the side of migrants and both of them are migrants. This shows that all people should be treated equally.

The Foundation Of The Frontera Fund

It was on October 18, 2007, that armed deputies went in unmarked cars to arrest Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. These deputies belonged to the “Selective Enforcement Unit” of Joe Arpaio, who was the Sheriff. They handcuffed Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, who were the executives of Village Voice Media. They were removed from their homes in the Phoenix area. They were pushed into unmarked SUVs. Their windows were dark tinted. They had Mexican license plates. Both of them were put into separate jails that were managed by Joe Arpaio.

It was quite clear that these arrests had been carried out by Joe Arpaio. This was because he was outraged by the stories in Phoenix New Times as they exposed his misdeeds. This newspaper reported on his anti-Mexican stance. In fact, it also reported on the rampant financial irregularities along with the mismanagement that was evident in the sheriff’s office.

Other charges against Joe Arpaio included abuse of power against his critics, the substandard health conditions in the jails under Arpaio’s management, mistreatment of jail inmates that may even lead to their death. Next, there were issues against his systematic persecution, besides racial profiling along with the unconstitutional detention, which was specifically of Latinos.

The reason why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested was that they had written a cover story in Phoenix New Times. It revealed how the allies of Joe Arpaio had issued grand jury subpoenas. They were asking for details about the writers, editors as well as readers of the newspapers. In addition, they were asking for the personal browsing histories as well as IP addresses of the readers. Lacey and Larkin did not cater to these subpoenas but rather wrote about it.

There was a national outcry over this arrest. Hence Lacey and Larkin got released from jail within 24 hours of their arrest. All the charges against them were dropped.

These two decided to sue the state. They won the case. The decision of the appellate court was that Lacey and Larkin should receive $3.7 million as the settlement from Maricopa County. This was in 2013.

These two decided to earmark this settlement money for Frontera Fund. This was a unique initiative that was intended to benefit mainly the Hispanic community. This was because they are the ones who have borne the maximum brunt of all kinds of civil rights abuses in the state of Arizona.

Thor Halvorssen, the Human Rights Champion

The debate on human
rights has achieved a global audience in the 21st century. Amid all
the anarchy and hate, authorities on human rights keep a watchful eye
on developments worldwide making sure the rights of every person are
respected, and violators are brought to justice.
Step forward Thor
Halvorrsen, a young and energetic human rights crusader based in
New-York, United States. This leader is synonymous with the campaigns
fronted by the Human Rights Foundation Organization. Thor dedicates
his life and time to the organization, and he has done exemplary well
in championing the human rights debate.
Thor commands great
respect in the corporate and social circles. His stay at HFR sees him
lobby relentlessly for financial and moral support. Each year, the
foundation hosts the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway. The event attracts
journalists, community mobilizers and human rights lawyers and
campaigners from all over the globe. The function also serves as a
fundraiser towards various human rights courses. In the past, Thor
has been able to get senior partners in Google and Paypal to attend
the event and make keynote speeches on human rights.
On a personal level,
Thor Halvorssen is a friendly and approachable fellow. He confesses
his love for people and acknowledges the power of the human spirit.
He, therefore, defends the rights of individuals who go out of their
way to point out wrongs in society and governments. He believes such authorities have no place in the modern
world and should, therefore, face the wrath of the entire world.
When it comes to
diversity, Thor believes we should appreciate our differences and
accommodate each other’s views. That is the only way to desist from
infringing on the rights of others. Thor embraces diversity starting
from his lineage. His grandfather was of Norwegian descent while his
mother was Venezuelan. His parents suffered torture and incarceration
in the hands of brutal regimes in Venezuela. Many believe these
events made Thor conscious of human rights and their violations,
therefore, sparking the fire in him to defend the oppressed.