Andy Wirth Gives Advice on Droughts

As a sports junkie, I am always looking to try new activities. Even though I’ve never tried it, I’ve always been interested in skiing. The sport looks challenging and fun. My interest for the sport grew after hearing an interesting interview on KCRM.

The interview was with Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA. He discussed how companies can deal with droughts when running their business. The idea of a drought never really entered my mind but was quite interesting to ponder.

Those in California appear to be very concerned about the lack of precipitation. A recent study showed that more than twenty-five percent of people in the area have cut back on their water use. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Winter has been pretty dry in recent seasons, so this drought has many wondering what winter will bring. Many wonder how Ski Resorts can survive, but Andy Wirth feels not everyone knows the actual facts and truths about the situation.

In his interview on “Press Play with Madeleine Brand”, Wirth explained that he believes there is a lot companies like his can do to deal with the lack of snow. He mentions using most but not all of the companies acres to maximize the snow they have.

Science has created ways that companies can produce their own snow, which is also an option. Furthermore he mentions the importance of using known methods to manage what snow that they have, such as using snow cap operators for example.

Despite some of the hype, Andy Wirth is convincing in the interview that there is still quite a bit of skiing to be had. He also explains how businesses can change their model to include many summer activities as well.

Andy Wirth has been the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation for the past six years. He previously has worked in sales and marketing for the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation.

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