Balancing Career And Family Is Easy For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Having a family is one of life’s true joys. People everywhere appreciate spending time with their family and watching as their children grow up. Balancing career and family can be hard but it can be truly rewarding. Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to do both. As one of the area’s most respected surgeons, she brings joy and knowledge to everything she does. She also brings with her pictures of her own adored twin sons. She continues to show that it is possible for people of all backgrounds to have both a flourishing career and also dedicate themselves to being the best at what they do. She has been able to bridge both the world of being a hands on parent and providing her patients with the kind of modern and contemporary surgical techniques they need. This is why she’s such a sought after professional.

Understanding Patient Needs

As a mom, she’s aware that her patients have many needs and assume many roles in their lives. She knows that her patients come to her for help with balancing each role. With her assistance, an older woman can discover how to remove years off her appearance and feel a sense of renewed vitality in her life. She can show any patient how a few simple surgical changes can have big results. This is why her patients have learned to trust her and take her advice. They understand that it is possible for her to help them get the body they want. She offers surgical skills that have been honed by many years of successful practice. Over time, she learned how to listen even better to her patient’s needs. As her practice grows, she fully knows that patients will continue to rely on her many abilities and skills. Details Walden

Dr. David Samadi Explores Mitt Romney’s Battle with Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a problem that many men 65 and older are facing. One of these men is Mitt Romney, who just underwent a surgical procedure to get rid of a slow-growing tumor tucked away in the area in question. The issue must have been very scary, but it is something that many men who come to Dr. David Samadi have to come to terms with.

Many remember Mitt Romney as a presidential hopeful when he ran a few years ago. He is also one of the few Republicans who stood up against Donald Trump and some of his more divisive rhetoric. Romney had to disclose his battle against prostate cancer because a US Senate seat will be vacant soon, and he may be running for it. The public has the right to know about Romney’s medical conditions before voting for him or not.

Thankfully, Romney’s obligation to the public due to his career in public affairs is not something other men have to deal with. Dr. David Samadi has had uncomfortable conversations about prostate cancer and possible treatments with countless individuals. He had to tell some men that the cancer spread, and they may need to consider radiation treatment. Some experts do not love this solution because of the risks that come with this treatment. The radiation can lead to other forms of cancer, such as rectal cancer among others. To know more about him click here.

Dr. David Samadi like the doctor who treated Mitt Romney’s prostate problem will likely suggest surgery. This is an effective option that is best used when the cancer is contained in one region. No one is saying that this treatment comes with no risks, but they are considerably better risks than the ones connected to radiation treatment. For example, men could develop urinary issues or sexual problems, which is no good. Do not fret, an experienced surgeon can reduce these risks. This is the reason men need to perform extensive research on the surgeon that is going to ultimately help him remove the cancer.

Dr. Samadi knows that prostate cancer is very scary to think about, but it is much better to diagnose early and face it as quickly as possible, which is what he recommends for his patients. Mitt Romney’s doctor obviously gave him the right guidance, and Dr. Samadi just wants every man out there to receive the same chances. There are no guarantees here, but chances can definitely be manipulated.

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The Entrepreneurial Doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna

It is believed that some professions and career options can be more demanding than others. The field of medicine is one that tops that list. However, Dr. Mark McKenna, licensed in medicine and surgery in Georgia, proves otherwise.

After graduating from Tulane University alongside practicing in medicine, he started his own real estate firm. From the very onset, he had been able to tap into the niche in the market. He realized that the field of real estate was a viable venture and he dived into it head on.

After working for about ten years in the medical field, Dr. McKenna realized that he could do something in aesthetics. Therefore, he invented OVME which is a one of a kind innovation in the medical field. One cannot mention aesthetics in medicine and fail to call on Dr. McKenna’s name.

One may be wondering how he is still able to advance his skills in entrepreneurship. Well, he does not even have an academic background in business studies yet has been able to venture into that field and been successful. It is because Dr. Mark McKenna is a knowledge seeker.

Mark is an avid reader. He believes that in books there are indeed hidden treasures and fountains of knowledge and only those who tap into these can be successful. This is one of the things that has enabled him to advance in his business ventures. More than that, he ensures that he has set goals which he plans to achieve whether in long-term or short-term.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also keen to check the company that he keeps. He is careful to ensure that he is around people who can build him into being greater. Furthermore, Mark has role models and people whom he looks up to.

It is of importance to note that Dr. Mark McKenna leads a healthy lifestyle too. This, he does by ensuring that he includes fitness into his daily schedule. He is also blessed to have a family, being married Gianine, with whom they have born a daughter together. They also have a dog as a pet.

Truly Dr. Mark McKenna inspires people to push for excellence in as many fields as they can. He inspires those around him to strive and get out of their comfort zones.