Bridget Scarr, The ultimate Power of a Woman

Bridget Scarr was born in South Africa in the year 1982. She is a graduate of Rhodes University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree of arts in drama in 2004. Bridget is currently the executive producer of Colibri Studios in the UK. Scarr has lived a life with some scars, but she fought against all those to rise to stardom.

She started small just like other entrepreneurs. She had a company which collapsed to the ground after betrayal from her partners. She went back to grass at a time when she was expecting her son.

It took courage, strength, and determination for her to make a come-back to entrepreneurship. Being a writer, a singer, a songwriter among many other experiences, she quickly rekindled the entrepreneurial embers within her. She attributes this to her son and her all-time partner who never left her side even when her world had sunk.


Bridget has several skills. She boasts of nearly 25 different abilities which she can exploit; film production, Brand Communication, Marketing, Business Management, Business Strategy, Content Creation, Creative Development, Creative Direction and much more.


The Executive producer of Colibri Studios: she is the head of content development, strategy, and partnerships. She is performing explicitly well. Her projects come to life through collaboration with project partners, international broadcasters, and new creative talents.

She is a Co-Founder of @livReVR. They encourage audiences to engage in experiential realities and live through them.

Bridget also built and became the Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media from 2008 to 2015.She worked hard together with other partners to raise the company from scratch to a sky-scraper status. They started with five employees and later increased to over 200. Pollen Creative Media gave rise to multiple businesses working across the digital media.

They broadcasted, advertised and branded content.

Her writing and creative production prowess make her develop compelling content which sweeps across numerous platforms. She works tirelessly on television Digital Content, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and interactive exhibitions. All these projects attract large audiences emotionally and intellectually. Scarr utilizes her 15 years experience in production to change the world positively.

She became the production manager at Urban Brew Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.

She founded the Zero Point Studios in Cape Town, South Africa and she was the financial manager there. They aired television shows with children content.

Bridget Scarr is a woman worth emulating. Her resilience, her focus, and her skills can inspire others. Luckily, she does not shy from sharing with others her secrets to success.

She teaches that one needs meditation in the morning on the day’s activities. Elimination of fear is her success tool. She advises that if you eliminate your worries, trust in yourself, exploit your talents, love unconditionally and cap it with self-appreciation, then success will be your middle name.


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