What you need to know about Tempus

The fight against cancer has a new weapon. Eric Lefkofsky has partnered with the world famous Mayo Clinic to help in the battle against various forms of cancer, including lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma. The science behind the role of Lefkofsky company plays involves the ability to study cancer at the genetic level.Lefkofsky hopes this will not be the only partnership he creates. Tempus has already formed partnerships with other health care organizations that include Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Lefkofsky educational background, that includes the University of Michigan and a JD from University of Michigan Law School, along with current duties as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, give him an insight into the role of research at the university level.Lefkofsky hopes that the role this new partnership has will be a help to oncologists, who will be able to access a vast database and in doing save valuable time and hugely affect survival rates.

The new partnership has already been given a boost by the injection of $80 million of new business investment.The end game to the partnership will the formation of a database so thorough that decisions on cancer treatments can be tailored to the patient and time can be saved by not using treatments that would not be effective. The partnership will have the ability to process the data of 50,000 patients a year. The database will help creative an holistic strategy that will help with all aspects of the treatment process.

Sightsavers and Humanitarian Aid

While Sightsavers is very busy with the work they are doing, they are also willing to accept help from others. One of the ways that people are encouraged to help is by making donations. One of the best things about this type of offer is that people are able to make a difference in the lives of those who are afflicted without making too much of a commitment. One thing that is certain is that there are a ton of people that are willing to help. However, they do not have as much time or resources. This can often discourage people from helping in the first place.

The good news is that every penny is helpful. Therefore, people do not have to worry about giving a fortune or giving all of their time. Sightsavers has a lot of people that are making some kind of donation to their charity. This is one of the reasons that they are making a lot of progress and are working on ways to bring forth their solutions to every part of the world. Sightsavers relies on their own efforts as well as efforts from other people and organizations in the world.


Sightsavers is far from exclusive because they understand that someone that tries to do it all is going to fail miserably. They do not believe in anything that is egotistical. This is why they have the help of other people. They also encourage others to donate. They are also willing to take suggestions from others so that they will be able to better serve the people that they are trying to help. They are willing to hear about what they can do to better work on bringing forth more rights for the disabled. With the right type of education and conversations, the disabled with be better treated and have access to more resources.

Balancing Career And Family Is Easy For Dr. Jennifer Walden

Having a family is one of life’s true joys. People everywhere appreciate spending time with their family and watching as their children grow up. Balancing career and family can be hard but it can be truly rewarding. Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden knows how to do both. As one of the area’s most respected surgeons, she brings joy and knowledge to everything she does. She also brings with her pictures of her own adored twin sons. She continues to show that it is possible for people of all backgrounds to have both a flourishing career and also dedicate themselves to being the best at what they do. She has been able to bridge both the world of being a hands on parent and providing her patients with the kind of modern and contemporary surgical techniques they need. This is why she’s such a sought after professional.

Understanding Patient Needs

As a mom, she’s aware that her patients have many needs and assume many roles in their lives. She knows that her patients come to her for help with balancing each role. With her assistance, an older woman can discover how to remove years off her appearance and feel a sense of renewed vitality in her life. She can show any patient how a few simple surgical changes can have big results. This is why her patients have learned to trust her and take her advice. They understand that it is possible for her to help them get the body they want. She offers surgical skills that have been honed by many years of successful practice. Over time, she learned how to listen even better to her patient’s needs. As her practice grows, she fully knows that patients will continue to rely on her many abilities and skills. Details Walden

How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Increasing Cancer Knowledge via WebMD

Those that work at Cancer Treatment Centers of America know how important that education on cancer care truly is. Individuals that have some knowledge regarding their cancer diagnosis are far more likely to adhere to the recommended course of treatments. CTCA hopes to increase the knowledge of more people in the community. Earlier diagnoses can save lives as these people are more inclined to seek medical treatment in a faster time period. Cancer Treatment Center of America is a leading provider of specialized cancer care, and the staff is dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare in a compassionate manner to all of their welcome patients.

Both cancer patients and their worried families often struggle to understand the complex meanings of various types of cancer care. Individuals undergoing cancer treatment are likely to look into their specific cancer diagnosis and the latest treatments that are available. Many individuals find the answers that they seek online through their computer and/or their smart phone’s Internet searches. Now, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers state-of-the-art updated cancer information via the Internet on WebMD. This medical related informative website is one of the best medical websites on the Internet today. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides the site with facts, information and important details on various cancer topics.

WebMD has proven to be a trustworthy site for gathering medical details on the Internet. By teaming up with this website, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is expanding their reader base for cancer information. Many individuals rely on the Internet to provide their latest news and other information that they are interested in. CTCA adds to the integrity of WebMD posts regarding specialized cancer related articles. These short pieces are easier to read than looking up cancer facts in a medical book that is hard for the average citizen to really understand.

The ability for cancer patients and their concerned friends and family to get quick information about cancer that they can comprehend is paramount to the success of any cancer treatments. WebMD posts easy-to-comprehend details on current cancer related information like the latest cancer drugs and treatments. Cancer Treatment Centers of America believe that more cancer education will lower the mortality rates for cancer victims due to earlier treatment and care. This cancer care provider is committed to increasing the public’s knowledge on cancer and more. CTCA also provides a source of support to cancer patients.

Find Cancer Options From CTCA on WebMD Now

Gone are the days when only the doctors had all of the answers. Today, many investigate anything to do with their health. Some may have a distrust of healthcare professionals. Mostly, it is simply a change of the times where students learn early to question things on their own. Indeed, it is these younger generations that are more apt to look up symptoms of illness on the Internet instead of first going to the doctor. This can be bad if that person landed on a website that didn’t provide accurate information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are big believers in informing their patients about their options and treatments. For this reason, CTCA has built an alliance of sorts with WebMD to provide necessary information regarding cancer options in a truthful and explainable format.

WebMD has been named a trustworthy Internet source that writes on health issues. They recently teamed with CTCA and provided their cancer information on their well known and widely read webpage. These recent articles are being promoted now to combat the inaccurate information on cancer that people are already getting through unsavory or just misguided websites. With this type of team effort, these healthcare educators are striving to provide the best information that is the most up-to-date for those people that are really needing to find accurate answers. It is not uncommon for family members of ill relatives to do research on their own in order to help. With Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD, it is hoped that word gets out that not all information on the Internet is accurate. However, the Internet can be a positive tool in providing expert education and information regarding cancer care options and new cancer news when qualified entities input the information. CTCA is a leading cancer healthcare organization.

Prepare Properly For a Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is the ultimate screening entity for people who are on the go, who don’t see a doctor regularly, or cannot afford the cost of doctors. Lifeline is an independent company who provides health screening and tests on a more convenient and cost-effective basis. The screens and tests are the same as one finds in a hospital or a medical testing facility.

There are not as many people visiting doctors on an annual basis anymore. People in many situations seem to just take their state of health for granted. They reason that if they are having no symptoms, then their overall health must be good. That is not always necessarily true because some of the more serious health situations have little to no symptoms at all in their earlier stages.

This is why Lifeline Screening plays such an important role in the health of people who are too busy, just don’t think about getting checkups, or can’t afford them. Lifeline screening is easy to use, as they are located in major cities in easy to access places such as schools, public venues, and other easily accessed places. The pricing is very reasonable as well.

All a person has to do is call Lifeline Screening in their area and set an appointment and instructions will be given over the phone. One area of advice a prospective patient receives is how to prepare for the Lifeline Screening appointment. Women should wear slacks and a loose fitting blouse or top. Men should wear comfortable trousers and a sports shirt. People will be asked to raise their blouse or shirt in some tests, such as an EKG or ultrasound test.

If a person is going to have a blood test, they may be asked to fast for a 6 to 12 hour period prior to the test. The screenings usually only take an hour or two so people don’t have to spend their entire day. The screenings are the same as those that are given in hospitals and other medical facilities. The personnel who administer the tests must have the same education and experience as one would find in hospitals and other appropriate medical offices.

Learn More: www.lifelinescreening.com/What-We-Do/Screening-Packages