What you need to know about Tempus

The fight against cancer has a new weapon. Eric Lefkofsky has partnered with the world famous Mayo Clinic to help in the battle against various forms of cancer, including lung cancer, melanoma, bladder cancer, breast cancer and lymphoma. The science behind the role of Lefkofsky company plays involves the ability to study cancer at the genetic level.Lefkofsky hopes this will not be the only partnership he creates. Tempus has already formed partnerships with other health care organizations that include Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Lefkofsky educational background, that includes the University of Michigan and a JD from University of Michigan Law School, along with current duties as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, give him an insight into the role of research at the university level.Lefkofsky hopes that the role this new partnership has will be a help to oncologists, who will be able to access a vast database and in doing save valuable time and hugely affect survival rates.

The new partnership has already been given a boost by the injection of $80 million of new business investment.The end game to the partnership will the formation of a database so thorough that decisions on cancer treatments can be tailored to the patient and time can be saved by not using treatments that would not be effective. The partnership will have the ability to process the data of 50,000 patients a year. The database will help creative an holistic strategy that will help with all aspects of the treatment process.

Waiakea Water: Hawaiian volcanic water that does more than just help with hydration.

27 year old Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water with the goal to do more and be better and he seems to be succeeding. It would be a challenge to break into and be successful in this industry, but Emmons had a unique idea and the drive to push forward to make this work.

Emmon’s creation, Waiakea water, comes from Hawaiian volcanic springs and is naturally filtered as it flows through volcanic rock. This unique natural filter infuses the water with beneficial alkaline minerals and electrolytes. Waiakea Water’s Ph value is around 7 which makes it comparable to other waters on the market but without the additives that some other waters use.

Waiakea Water didn’t stop at just the nutrient filled water. They looked for a way to manufacture this product with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. They did the research and found an incredibly environmentally friendly way to bottle this volcanic water. By using post–consumer recycled bottles and adding a nano-additive called TimePlast they have cut the time for bottles to decompose from the typical 1000+ years to about 15 years; as well as limited the emissions from the manufacturing process. Pretty impressive.

This still was not enough for this company. Waiakea water recognized the need for fresh water in some communities around the world and jumped in to help by partnering with Pump Aid. Together they help to bring clean water to areas that may otherwise not have any.

These efforts are getting them noticed. In just a few short years this company has grown fast and is proving to be a real player in this industry.

This volcanic water’s benefits go well beyond simple hydration. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process and bottles combined with the social awareness of Waiakea Water as a company make this a company to watch and learn from.