Rocketship Education: Bringing Parents Back Into the School

Rocketship Education started as a public charter school in San Jose, California, back in 2007. Today they operate 18 charter schools across the country. These charter schools are located in low income neighborhoods to provide at risk children a better option in education. This school system was founded on the belief that public school should do more than just educate our children. Rocketship is working to create a community that brings together the teachers and parents.

One thing they do differently is to involve parents in the hiring process. Most of the time, parents have no input into who their children will be spending their days with. At Rocketship Education they get the chance to meet the potential new teachers before they are hired. Two different systems are used, depending on the school’s location, for parental involvement.

In one instance, three to six families are chosen for the hiring process. These families undergo a training provided by the school. After the training is completed the families hold interviews, by panel, to find the best teachers. In other locations the school will hold a public meeting where the parents are introduced to the potential candidates for the job.

One way that Rocketship is raising the standards in education is with their personalized programs. Unlike most public schools, they recognize that every child learns differently. Each of the Rocketeers is provided with an educational program that best fits their learning needs. They combine traditional teaching methods with technology and personal tutors. In this way, students are allowed to learn at their own pace.

The school system is dedicated to helping parents become more engaged in their children’s learning. They offer programs to help their parents be better leaders at home, at school and within their communities. So many parents believe they have no say in their children’s education. Rocketship is working to help them understand they have the right to speak up when they feel the need.