Freedom Pop Makes You A Hero To Your Family

One of the first things a teenager will ask their parents for is a phone. Once they become involved with the opposite sex then they feel the need for secret conversations through text. The ability to text is replacing the love notes and short exchanges that kids make when they find themselves captivated by another individual. This is where a phone service like FreedomPop is perfect. The service is free and the phone is reasonably priced. The company offers many different choices in phones online. After choosing the android or other operating systems then you can decide on your service. You can go free or you can go unlimited.

FreedomPop offers a free phone service with the purchase of a phone. The person purchasing the phones can choose from 500 MB data or the 500 MB data hotspot and 200 voice minutes. This also gives the customer 500 texts. If you have a teenager you may wish to put the text amount to the unlimited account by paying the $20 for unlimited. The cheapest unlimited plan on the market is $38 a month for unlimited and this plan has bad cell reception in many areas. Freedom Pop uses Sprint LTE network and Sprints towers for the reception. Customers are also able to use the hotspot capability for only $5 dollars more a month. Most other companies charge $25-100 for this service.

Freedom pop offers great coverage and internet on the go. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Most other companies offer no guarantee on equipment. If you order your device online you have the ability to send it back. You will not desire to do so but you can if you need to do so. How many other places can you get something for nothing? Free phone service is incredible. It can save people thousands per year in cell phone service.

This is the perfect cell phone service fo the first time cell phone users. Parents can go online and choose a phone. Order the phone and have immediate phone service. It is simple to use and easy to add the unlimited service to as needed. No contracts to worry about. No negative reports on your credit history. Just good service when you need it. Freedom pop is a win-win situation. Imagine your teenager when you present them with their very own private phone. You too can be a hero with Freedom Pop.
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