Kevin Seawright Offers Solutions to Baltimore’s Real Estate Sector

Affordable housing refers to a system of housing with an average house income that is often rated by the government. Most of this literature highlights different mortgage plans as well as forms that are within a continuum. This continuum ranges from emergency shelters directed to transitional, subsidized, to indigenous housing. For years, people have been seeking affordable housing from the government. But, not everyone has received positive feedback. That is why Kevin Seawright formed RPS Solutions. Find out more about  Kevin at

Who is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is the head of RPS Solutions LLC. This is a housing company striving to establish a diverse community with home ownership by ensuring that communities remain healthy. It also makes sure that people can acquire affordable homes. The management believes that people’s lives improve with affordable housing in addition to supportive programs improve the country’s economic state by stabilizing people’s lives. Under the leadership of Kevin, RPS Solutions LLC has created s a stable environment coupled with custom-enriched homes for families. Moreover, the company focuses on helping senior people to access helpful resources.

Primary Projects

Working With Christ Haven

  • Working With Christ Haven

Children are always moving towards fun-filled places. That is why in during the festive season, Philadelphia residents received Christmas presents from Christ Haven Pentecostal Church. Kevin partnered with the church to help in streamlining the rewarding project. Through the merger, RPS Solutions offered a luncheon and a toy drive.

Baltimore Housing Project

  • Baltimore Housing Project

In 2016, Kevin Seawright spearheaded the development of a housing project in Baltimore. The agenda included constructing custom designed housing for the residents of Baltimore. Under his guidance, RPS Solutions worked with the residents to come up with an affordable housing rate.

Personal Profile

Kevin is an administrative leader and a financial executive prominent for leveraging strategic services coupled with the ability to help businesses grow. He has 13 years experience in business management and financial expertise. Over the years, he has helped communities better themselves by presenting a unique set of business acumen and team inclusion. He is also known for reformulating business strategies in order to rebuild responsive accounting and finance.

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