Wild Ark – article recap

The greenest way to travel is to stay home, turn off the TV, work in your garden, read a book about whatever exotic destination you might have wanted to visit and recycle EVERYTHING! For most people, this is not the way we think of vacation. No matter how you slice it whether you drive, fly, cruise or take a bus you will be using resources that pollute our precious planet. You will consume things in packaging and you will be doing things that produce a bigger carbon footprint than staying home.

None of us want to miss out on what this beautiful home of ours has to offer so the next best thing to staying home is to travel responsibly. This includes but is not limited to choosing to carry reusable water bottles with you, take food containers that can be used and washed and reused, reusing the towel in your hotel and not having the sheets changed and washed every day. Even grander than this and a way that you can contribute every day is to become involved in organizations that are dedicated to protecting our planet and preserving the wild spaces that are left. Wild Ark is such an organization, This organization was created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, along with other friends of theirs who are avid conservationists to protect and preserve wild places on earth. They choose green belts and other unclaimed wild spaces and work to create protective legislation and programs that make them more valuable as wild spaces than they would be as developed spaces.

By choosing to participate in programs like Wild Ark both as a visitor and a financial contributor or volunteer supporter you become a conscious participant in preserving our precious resources for future generations.

The next time you are contemplating where to go for your vacation look for what Wild Ark and other organizations like them have to offer. Being aware and contributing to the preservation of our natural environment is much easier than you thing and just requires a little research and planning before we head out to enjoy time off.


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