Doe Deere Show Her Readers The Power Of The Internet

The net has grown from a small idea into something that is far larger. Today, a larger percentage of the world than ever before, allowing people to communicate with others around the world often in split second. This means that any given person can use the net for their own purposes. Someone who fully understands exactly how the net can be harnessed is makeup expert and retailer Doe Deere. From the very first, Deere knew that the net had enormous potential. Her own life and career have been all about demonstrating this fact. She has taken a small idea and a small store into a concept and a working online store that allows her to reach out to customers around the world.

Using The Net Well

Using the net well has been a trademark of hers. She knows that the net is all about having a fan base and offering them very special. Her life has been about grasping that particular insight and using it quite well. She knows that any person who aims to be in business today must be able to keep on top of the competition. She also knows that any business owner today can reach out to customers in ways that were previously quite hard. Her own use of the net has been about this concept in which she has created a space of her own where her fans can find her own products.

A Social Media Fan Base

One of the lynch pins of her business life strategy has been using her fan base and using it well. She has been able to take advantage of the availability of social media today that allows her to offer something that is entirely her own. Her concepts about fashion and makeup can quickly get from an idea into a very real concept that her fans can buy right from Lime Crime. This quickness has been instrumental in helping her catch a fan base and keep it coming to her site again and again. She has shown how crucial it is to have ideas at the ready at all times in order to help attract new customers and make old ones happy as well. This is why her company continues to see growth. Her skillful use of technology makes that possible at all times. She knows that modern tools can be used well to help her see growth.

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Helane Morrison: A Leading Compliance Officer in the Corporate World

I think Helane Morrison is a distinguished legal expert and an ideal compliance officer. Helane Morrison is currently a member of the Executive Committee for Hall Capital Partners a leading investment firm that has been in business for 20 years. She also serves as Hall Capital Partner’s General Counsel, Managing Director, and its Chief Compliance Officer. Helane has had a very distinguished career. Helane was at one point in time the head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. She held that position for 8 years.

In that position, she accrued valuable experience. She was in charge of regulatory matters, litigation, as well as enforcement of securities for 6 states in the Western United States including California. She distinguished herself greatly while in this position. Before being the director of the San Francisco SEC Helane was in charge of its enforcement division for 3 years. She has also served as a lawyer at private law firms and even worked as the law clerk for a Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun, for a few years. She is a philanthropist who loves nature. She is a board member for the Regional Parks Foundation and she uses her spare time to speak on issues that are important to her at private fundraising events.

All of the above makes Helane Morrison a role model and an ideal compliance officer for a prestigious firm. But many wonder what exactly a compliance officer does. I’ll do my best to answer that question. Its actually a relatively new occupation. The compliance officer’s job is to create a compliance program to identify regulatory and ethical problems in a legal environment. Compliance officers can do this through an assortment of tools. They can rely on either formal or informal investigations. They can perform audits and they sometimes rely on educating legal and financial professionals on the proper way to conduct themselves.

Compliance officers are absolutely necessary. Without them, professionals who work in the legal and financial industries would break rules they aren’t even aware of. With every passing year, the federal government passes new laws and regulations. There are far too many for financiers to keep up with. So they need a devoted expert to keep track of those matters for them and to keep them in line.

The market for compliance officers is growing dramatically as you can read more about in this article from MsBusiness. Up and coming compliance officers would do well to imitate the example of Helane Morrison and try to achieve distinctions like hers.