How Neurocore is Working to Provide Long Term Solutions for ADHD

Neurocore is a company that has helped people with thinking disorders retrains their brains in order to improve the quality of their lives. Their unique process of neurofeedback has been especially helpful in treating individuals with ADHD. Although attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is commonly associated with children, it could remain with an individual well into their adult life. While there are actually three different levels of ADHD, this particular disorder is generally associated with an inability to focus one’s attention long enough to accomplish the task at hand.

The first two levels of ADHD are defined as inattentive presentation and hyperactive impulse presentation. The third and last level is found in the combined symptoms of the first two. While ADHD is considered to be hereditary, it has responded well to the treatments of neurofeedback provided by Neurocore Brain Training Centers. Although this procedure might seem new it was actually conducted as an experiment in 1976 by a man named J.F. Lubar. He wrote an article on his findings, which detailed an improvement in the child’s ability to stay focused. This information helped researchers at UCLA determine that ADHD was an excess of brain waves, which could benefit from the developing technology for qEEG. Read more about Neurocore at

Since then, the team at Neurocore have been extending the boundaries of knowledge for applied neurotherapy for patients with ADHD. They have found this type of brain training to be a highly successful technique for improving the mental and physical focus of adults, teens and children. As a brain training center, they are dedicated to discovering the core of a child’s attention issues in order to provide long term solutions. In addition to the obvious physical signs, children with ADHD often experience problems with their vision, their sleeping habits and their ability to learn. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The neurotherapy procedures used by Neurocore have produced results with numbers that indicate 85 percent of the people they have treated have had a significant reduction in their ADHD symptoms. These numbers also show that 53 percent of their patients no longer exhibit the level of symptoms that would classify them as having an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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