NewsWatch TV Avanca Review

NewsWatch is a morning news program that covers a variety of topics from technology, and business to entertainment. The program has also become an outlet for celebrities to come talk about current issues and causes they support. The show started in March of 1990 and airs nationally on AMC and ION networks. The show is currently hosted by Andrew Tropeano with reporting by Susan Bridges, Eric Forrest, and Amanda Forstrom. NewsWatch recently celebrated their 1,000th episode and over 25 years of reporting. NewsWatch reaches more than 96 million households worldwide, which makes it a good outlet for companies like Avanca to work with on promoting their business.

Avanca developed a crowd funding campaign to raise money to develop their “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. They hired NewsWeek to produce and air a promotional segment as part of the NewsWeek Review segment to help get the word out about their crowd funding campaign. According to Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, the chief marketing officer from Avanca, the promotional spot on NewsWeek was one of the contributing factors in the success of their crowd funding campaign. She stated that she enjoyed working with the staff of NewsWeek on the project and would recommend others working with them on promotional projects. Thanks to the success of the first campaign Avanca is now working with NewsWeek again while they are working to launch Ockel Series A, which is a complete PC with the benefits of a mobile device and a pair of wireless headphones from the Avanca line of products.

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