Cassio Audi: Meet the Viper Band Pioneer

Cassio Audi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He started his early life career in music. Even though he doesn’t practice music anymore, he was a very influential instrumentalist and drummer in the 1980s while with Viper band which comprised of teenagers of 13 and 14 years of age. The members of the band then included Cassio Audi, Yves Passarell, Andre Machado, Pit Passarel and Felipe Machado. The band was founded in 1985 and played music genres such as alternative rock, thrash metal, and power metal.

As stated in the article, “Cassio Audi, Ivan Busic and Jean Dolabella: Brazil’s Heavy Metal Drummers”, Viper band members of the time were a highly talented team of teenagers influenced by the upcoming British heavy metal and Iron Maiden. The band’s first demo album was recorded in 1985. The album was known as The Killera Sword where Cassio played the drums. The album’s tracks were; Signs of the Night, Killera Princess from Hell and Nightmare.

In 1987, the band recorded its official album known as Soldiers of Sunrise with tracks such as; Nightmares, the Knights of Destruction and Signs of the Night and the title song, Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was a great hit as most people were amazed by the band’s raw talent and it gained an outstanding popularity in the Brazilian music industry.

The album was highly rated by prominent magazines such as; Kerrang, Metal Hammer, and Metal Forces. As a result of this success, the Viper band was invited to play in the opening of Motorhead show in Brazil. Ever since the band has had success recordings both locally and internationally.

However, Cassio’s career music was short-lived as he left the band in 1989 to pursue other career interests. He joined Sao Paulo University where he pursued a different career in Business Administration. He is currently a very successful businessman with various business ventures. Despite the shift from a music career, Cassio Audi still loves music and always finds spare time to enjoy music.

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Projected Support Exceeded By End Citizens United Towards 2018 Election Cycle

After the United States Supreme Court’s 2010 decision, End United Citizen’s grass roots efforts has received unprecedented support by the voters. With unprecedented financial backing of the voters, End Citizens United has raised more than $4 million with the upcoming 2018 elections set to begin. The average member donation received by the organization is $14, making it one of the most-supported political action committees the country has seen in a very long time.


Following a heightened political season in 2016, End Citizens United determined an exceptional opportunity within Congress, for receiving support of the mission of campaign finance reform. Members of Congress who have provided their support and have aligned with the PAC will play more than a marginal role in the 2018 election cycle. Those who have pledged participation of bringing change to the political process and ending corporate financial influence over politicians, will be the relied upon to bring power back to the people.


End Citizens United is projecting to reach $35 million in donations from voters all across party lines. Those donations are expected to remain comparable to what the organization has received to date. Due to its traditional obligation as a PAC, End Citizens United is unable to rely on donations higher than $5,000 from any one member, however; it is very unlikely it would even be necessary. Based upon preceding donation results leading into the 2018 election cycle, the staggering numbers reached by End Citizen United, position the organization in the right direction, for a favorable outcome.


Since their establishment in March 2015, End Citizens United has operated in a direction that has surpassed the expectations of every campaign finance watch dog group. The results can only be defined as impressive, steadfast momentum and grassroots efforts at its best form of creation.


The organization is determined in fighting back against the political establishment and bringing change to a broken process. End Citizens United sees the current political process as a way, for billionaires and corporations, to gain access to political power through financial support of certain politicians. Their broad coalition towards campaign finance reform has built a consensus within the minds of their supporters, and they’re determined in holding those who are accountable, for their actions.


With a gaining leverage on politicians, End Citizens United is also building agreement within several other campaign finance groups, and they have joined forces in order to build further power to succeed against what they define as a corrupt system.


A fair amount of politicians see the efforts by End Citizens United as the only way to a political life-line and to bridge a gap among their constituents. Voters have already made their voice clear in ways of member donations and pledging their unprecedented support to the organization.



Wild Ark – article recap

The greenest way to travel is to stay home, turn off the TV, work in your garden, read a book about whatever exotic destination you might have wanted to visit and recycle EVERYTHING! For most people, this is not the way we think of vacation. No matter how you slice it whether you drive, fly, cruise or take a bus you will be using resources that pollute our precious planet. You will consume things in packaging and you will be doing things that produce a bigger carbon footprint than staying home.

None of us want to miss out on what this beautiful home of ours has to offer so the next best thing to staying home is to travel responsibly. This includes but is not limited to choosing to carry reusable water bottles with you, take food containers that can be used and washed and reused, reusing the towel in your hotel and not having the sheets changed and washed every day. Even grander than this and a way that you can contribute every day is to become involved in organizations that are dedicated to protecting our planet and preserving the wild spaces that are left. Wild Ark is such an organization, This organization was created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, along with other friends of theirs who are avid conservationists to protect and preserve wild places on earth. They choose green belts and other unclaimed wild spaces and work to create protective legislation and programs that make them more valuable as wild spaces than they would be as developed spaces.

By choosing to participate in programs like Wild Ark both as a visitor and a financial contributor or volunteer supporter you become a conscious participant in preserving our precious resources for future generations.

The next time you are contemplating where to go for your vacation look for what Wild Ark and other organizations like them have to offer. Being aware and contributing to the preservation of our natural environment is much easier than you thing and just requires a little research and planning before we head out to enjoy time off.


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Capital Group gaining the edge on strong investments

Warren Buffett is a genius when it comes to investing and to prove it he has made a $1 million dollar wager. The winnings will be given to charity. Buffett is very smart when it comes to the best investment strategies. Warren Buffett advocates low cost and simple investments. He believes those need to be held for a lengthy period of time. Warren Buffett is hoping to see more Americans start to save their money. Buffett wants to see people begin to invest and continue to invest.

Warren Buffett does not believe in the “active versus passive” argument that many investors make. He claims they don’t help investors. Warren Buffett has managed to filter out the strong fund managers from the weak fund managers by using two filters, low expenses and high manager ownership. He looks for fund managers who risk large amounts of their own finances, which roots out the low ranking fund managers. Warren Buffett is one of the country’s leading investors and has been helping people invest more intelligently.Buffett sees the need for Americans to invest and Buffett is aware of the unstable economy, but he tells his clients that you can still make money investing despite the current financial conditions.

Armour serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Group. Tim Armour has gained more than 32 years of experience at Capital Group. He launched his career with Capital Group in their Associates Program. At the beginning of his financial career, he was an equity investments analyst who dealt with American service companies and global communications.Tim Armour received a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Middlebury College. Tim Armour has appeared on MSNBC and CNBC discussing the investment world and the changes he is seeing. Armour is located in Los Angeles and is currently expanding the work that Capital Group is doing. Read the General article.

Renown Health : Not-for Profit Integrated Health Network

Renown Health is northern Nevada’s largest and only locally owned not-for profit integrated health network and a nationally recognized healthcare leader. It is one of the top 100 health networks in the country. It is a general medical and surgical hospital in Reno, Nevada . This hospital achieved the highest rating possible in three procedures or conditions. Formerly known as the Washoe Health System, was founded in 1862. It’s first pediatric unit was in 1949. In 1977 they performed their first open-heart surgery. In 1984, Washoe became the region’s only Level II Trauma Center between Sacramento, California and Salt Lake City.In 2006 they changed their name to Renown Health. In 2008 they perform the first robotic surgery using the da Vinci surgical System; in 2014 they became fourth in the world to perform that same surgery. They have ten facilities, the Renown Regional Medical Center, the children’s Hospital, South Meadows Medial center, Rehabilitation Hospital, Occupational Health, Medical Group, Skilled Nursing, Urgent Care, X-Ray & Imaging, and Lab Services.

The members of Renown Health’s boards are made up of community leaders. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations. As a not-for-profit organization, their earnings stay with them. They reinvest it into programs, people, and equipment.

Renown Health have many partners. In 1999 they partnered with Barton Memorial Hospital, in 2016 they partnered with Stanford’s Healthcare, Children’s Health, and University School of Medicine. There purpose is to serve the needs of their patients and their communities. There goal is to strengthen existing partners and forge new ones. Renown’s goal is to give patients expert health care and,help patients live a healthier life. Renown aim to help patient live a healthier life, and state they are the experts to go to when you are seriously ill or injured. They have more than 6,000 nurses doctors, and care providers.

Jason Hope’s Vision Of The Future And The Internet Of Things

One thing that is for certain is that Jason Hope knows technology. So, when he cannot stop talking about the Internet of Things, or IoT, it must be important. IoT is the name given to the technology that allows electronic devices to sync over a network, share data and operate together to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

As a technology authority, Jason Hope believes that IoT is going to drive research and development and change the way businesses operate. According to an Engadget article by Jesse Boskoff, Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things, Hope indicates that IoT, “stands to become the single biggest advancement in the tech industry for years to come.”

Hope suggests that IoT will be responsible for major improvements in current technology, as well as developing new ideas that eliminate waste and make our daily lives safer. In Boskoff’s article, Hope explains how IoT is already making significant improvements in public transportation, improvements that lead to less pollution and fewer potential traffic accidents. According to Jason Hope and Boskoff, potential for the Internet of Things is limitless.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope is best known as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor. As an entrepreneur and investor, Hope provides young business professionals with valuable insight and financial support. As a philanthropist, he supports local communities and donates to global humanitarian organizations.

Hope grew up in Arizona and earned a finance degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Aside from business consulting and philanthropy, he has a serious interest in state and national politics.

Hussain Sajwani Is A Gift to the World

The brilliant man who sits at the helm of one of the most successful luxury real estate developers in the world is none other than Hussain Sajwani.

His gifts to the world have been many, and as the founder and CEO of the DAMAC Group, he has earned billions of dollars. Dubai has been lucky to have a man of his caliber develop properties for its region, and among the most luxurious of his creations have been the million square-foot golf course community developments that he has designed and built. Read more: Top 10 Richest Men in USA

While working on these, he has partnered up with Donald Trump, who manages and maintains the golf courses that sit in the center of the world-renowned DAMAC communities. He also works with world class designers, such as, Fendi, Bugatti, and Versace, and does business with companies like Paramount Hotels and Resorts.

Hussain Sajwani started his career off by working for GASCO, a subsidiary of ADNOC. After serving at the company, he moved on to creating his own company and also began investing in a slew of successful business’s and ventures. His investments in Al Jazeira Services have been hailed as brilliant, because while other people got nervous in making a commitment to the company, he stuck with his guns and rode it to the tune of $110 million in profits. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

The company is now listed on the Muscat Securities Market and is invested in by brokerage houses, major trading houses, joint stock companies, pension funds, and more. Hussain doesn’t get distracted by speculation and fears, he follows his own gut and has made billions in doing so.

As a very giving man, his philanthropic pursuits have been too many to mention in one article. A couple of these include the millions he donated to the Emirates Red Crescent, and the $272,000 he donated to the “Yemen We Care” campaign.

The DAMAC owner love for helping people and especially disadvantaged and poverty-stricken children has helped to change the lives of countless people. Thanks to him, millions of refugees that had no access to basic healthcare or education will have a better life, and the countless kids who sleep safe and warm tonight thanks to his donations can go on to lead normal lives.

Securus: The Best Phone Company You Don’t Want To Do Business With

Making a Murderer is one of the most successful documentary films of all time. It features a central character, Steve Avery, who is accused of heinous crimes for which he was later found innocent. He spent 18 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.


Soon after his exoneration and release, he is quickly arrested again for a murder. The documentary makes it look as though Steve Avery is completely innocent of the murder that he is charged with. But, in the end, he is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


Throughout the documentary film the audience is saturated with telephone recordings of Steve Avery. These recordings are the filmmakers calling Steve in prison. The filmmakers themselves did not record these phone calls as the telephone company that services the prison records all of these telecommunications. The filmmakers simply requested recordings.


Securus Technologies is one of these present telephone companies. This particular company is the best in the business because they record every single telecommunication involved with one of their facilities. These recordings are made for posterity and they also give law enforcement actionable intelligence that they can use to prevent crimes.


Crime is usually not a one-man business. It takes a few people to plan, organize and execute a crime. And it should come as no surprise that many incarcerated individuals still commit crime or plan to commit more crime when released. One of the few ways these are incarcerated individuals can communicate with the outside world is through the Securus phone line.


Law enforcement can intercept and prevent these crimes being planned over the telephone using the recordings supplied by Securus. The telecommunications company also makes it easy for police officers to search all of these recordings with a new software innovation that can pull up any conversation in an instant.


OSI Group – Tyson Food’s Purchase

OSI Group, one of the largest growing suburban food processing companies in the US, purchased the Tyson Foods plant in June 2016 for $7.4 million.

In November 2015, Tyson Food’s announced they were shutting down their plant located at 4201 S. Ashland Avenue South Side, Illinois in order to improve efficiencies. The Tyson plant officially shut down October 1st of 2016.

With OSI Group based in Aurora, IL, the acquisition of this 200,000 square foot facility was a perfect opportunity for their recent and continued business growth. This additional infrastructure has capabilities that help meet the needs of OSI Group’s evolving and ever-growing client base.

According to Kevin Scott, senior executive VP of OSI Group (North America Division), this addition, “enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

Not only was this purchase beneficial for the company, but was also great way to bring back jobs to the South Chicago area. When the plant first closed down, over 480 employees were to be laid off. OSI Group offered each of these employees the opportunity to stay as part of their company.

Since the purchase of the Tyson Branch, OSI Group has also acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. In 2016 alone, OSI Group also made both Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies’ list and Food Engineering Magazine’s America’s Top 100 Food Companies’ list. They are continuing to find ways to expand both their American and European presence, with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries.

OSI Group is known for their custom solutions to the food industry and value-added protein and other food products. They are known for being one of the largest privately held companies in the US, with over 65 facilities in all over the world.

To learn more about OSI Group’s recent growth or additional information on the company, visit their website at

Bruno Fagali: One of the Most Outstanding Lawyers in Brazil

Lawyers are known for having the required resources and knowledge to assist in guiding, advising and the litigation process. As a business owner or a company’s manager, it is advisable for you to retain a lawyer as you continue with your operation since business disputes might erupt any moment. A lawyer helps in all legal situations if a need arises.

One of the lawyers you can depend on especially if you are a Brazil resident is Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession as he graduated with his law degree from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He excels mostly in all matters administrative law. After graduating, he decided to go back to the University of Sao Paulo for his Master’s degree in law. Apart from administrative law, Bruno Fagali specializes in civil law, bidding law, public law, electoral & anti-corruption law among others.

He owns an advertising agency whose obligation is public interest communication. He has always been driven by self-motivation in attaining his intended goal and the passion of making any business successful. Bruno Fagali is aware of the fact that he is a lawyer for a particular reason and he has to fulfill this purpose for him to say he is a lawyer. Not many lawyers understand this concept, and this is why Bruno Fagali has been able to make a name for himself and become an outstanding lawyer.

His great personality, attitude and eagerness to become a successful individual has made him engage in various affiliated law congresses and seminars. Through these programs, he has a chance to teach the future lawyers what they need to know for them to succeed in the law industry. He isn’t selfish to the point of keeping what he knows to himself as he wants the industry to be filled by qualified lawyers who aim at practicing law. He knows that he gets a chance to change a young person life through these programs and that is why he goes to these conferences and seminars.

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