Securus: The Best Phone Company You Don’t Want To Do Business With

Making a Murderer is one of the most successful documentary films of all time. It features a central character, Steve Avery, who is accused of heinous crimes for which he was later found innocent. He spent 18 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.


Soon after his exoneration and release, he is quickly arrested again for a murder. The documentary makes it look as though Steve Avery is completely innocent of the murder that he is charged with. But, in the end, he is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


Throughout the documentary film the audience is saturated with telephone recordings of Steve Avery. These recordings are the filmmakers calling Steve in prison. The filmmakers themselves did not record these phone calls as the telephone company that services the prison records all of these telecommunications. The filmmakers simply requested recordings.


Securus Technologies is one of these present telephone companies. This particular company is the best in the business because they record every single telecommunication involved with one of their facilities. These recordings are made for posterity and they also give law enforcement actionable intelligence that they can use to prevent crimes.


Crime is usually not a one-man business. It takes a few people to plan, organize and execute a crime. And it should come as no surprise that many incarcerated individuals still commit crime or plan to commit more crime when released. One of the few ways these are incarcerated individuals can communicate with the outside world is through the Securus phone line.


Law enforcement can intercept and prevent these crimes being planned over the telephone using the recordings supplied by Securus. The telecommunications company also makes it easy for police officers to search all of these recordings with a new software innovation that can pull up any conversation in an instant.


OSI Group – Tyson Food’s Purchase

OSI Group, one of the largest growing suburban food processing companies in the US, purchased the Tyson Foods plant in June 2016 for $7.4 million.

In November 2015, Tyson Food’s announced they were shutting down their plant located at 4201 S. Ashland Avenue South Side, Illinois in order to improve efficiencies. The Tyson plant officially shut down October 1st of 2016.

With OSI Group based in Aurora, IL, the acquisition of this 200,000 square foot facility was a perfect opportunity for their recent and continued business growth. This additional infrastructure has capabilities that help meet the needs of OSI Group’s evolving and ever-growing client base.

According to Kevin Scott, senior executive VP of OSI Group (North America Division), this addition, “enhances our capabilities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.”

Not only was this purchase beneficial for the company, but was also great way to bring back jobs to the South Chicago area. When the plant first closed down, over 480 employees were to be laid off. OSI Group offered each of these employees the opportunity to stay as part of their company.

Since the purchase of the Tyson Branch, OSI Group has also acquired Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. In 2016 alone, OSI Group also made both Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies’ list and Food Engineering Magazine’s America’s Top 100 Food Companies’ list. They are continuing to find ways to expand both their American and European presence, with over 20,000 employees in 17 countries.

OSI Group is known for their custom solutions to the food industry and value-added protein and other food products. They are known for being one of the largest privately held companies in the US, with over 65 facilities in all over the world.

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Bruno Fagali: One of the Most Outstanding Lawyers in Brazil

Lawyers are known for having the required resources and knowledge to assist in guiding, advising and the litigation process. As a business owner or a company’s manager, it is advisable for you to retain a lawyer as you continue with your operation since business disputes might erupt any moment. A lawyer helps in all legal situations if a need arises.

One of the lawyers you can depend on especially if you are a Brazil resident is Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession as he graduated with his law degree from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo. He excels mostly in all matters administrative law. After graduating, he decided to go back to the University of Sao Paulo for his Master’s degree in law. Apart from administrative law, Bruno Fagali specializes in civil law, bidding law, public law, electoral & anti-corruption law among others.

He owns an advertising agency whose obligation is public interest communication. He has always been driven by self-motivation in attaining his intended goal and the passion of making any business successful. Bruno Fagali is aware of the fact that he is a lawyer for a particular reason and he has to fulfill this purpose for him to say he is a lawyer. Not many lawyers understand this concept, and this is why Bruno Fagali has been able to make a name for himself and become an outstanding lawyer.

His great personality, attitude and eagerness to become a successful individual has made him engage in various affiliated law congresses and seminars. Through these programs, he has a chance to teach the future lawyers what they need to know for them to succeed in the law industry. He isn’t selfish to the point of keeping what he knows to himself as he wants the industry to be filled by qualified lawyers who aim at practicing law. He knows that he gets a chance to change a young person life through these programs and that is why he goes to these conferences and seminars.

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Hussain Sajwani was born in 1956, in Dubai, United Emirates. According to Forbes Magazine, his current net worth is $3.5 billion USD. Which makes him the 527th richest person in the world and, the third wealthiest person in the UAE. Sajwani holds a degree in economics and industrial engineer from the University of Washington. He began Draieh Management Services Co LLC, in 1982, which was his first business venture. Today, the company is known as DAMAC Group.


In 1998 Sajwani opened Al-Anwar Ceramic Tile Company. At that time it was the only exclusive manufacturer in the country. Then in 2002, he founded DAMAC properties. Their main office is in Dubai, with other locations in Jordan, Lebanon, North Africa, Qatar and Saudia Arabia. The company’s focuses on providing their customers with everything they can imagine, when it comes luxury real estate. From start to finish.


DAMAC uses the best building materials while providing the ideal location while they work with the best in the industry. These properties are known to be the most outstanding pieces of real estate in the middle east.


Philanthropist Sajwani who rose from humble beginnings and, the DAMAC properties support numerous charities. One especially is helping children globally, who are not as fortunate. The donations are used to keep fifty thousand children warm and clothed. Sajwani knows that children are the future, so that’s why he wants to give them the best possible start. DAMAC and the humanitarian group Emirates Red Cresent began this project in 1983. To date roughly $120 million AED was raised.


United States President, Donald Trump is not only a friend of Hussain Sajwani but, a business partner as well. The people in the middle east seemed to be excited with this collaboration as well. There were reports that some people in Pakistan are overjoyed by this too. When Trump won the election, Sajwani announced to NBC News that it was good news for his company. He is hoping to continue his business ventures with the Trumps, which include all of his children. He looks forward to growth and expansion.


With the Trump International Golf Club, which is scheduled to open in Dubai around February 2017. Sajwani can only see great things happening, as he looks forward to a long lasting friendship with the 45th President of the United States.

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Fabletics Takes On Amazon To Bring Athletic Clothes To All

The customers of today are much different than they were 20 or even 10 years ago. In the past customers were looking for high quality at a reasonable price. Todays customers are more interested in convenience, recognizable brands, and exclusive designs. To be successful companies must appeal to modern consumers. Brick and mortar shops are still important, but an on-line presence is essential. Kate Hudson and the people of Fabletics have become successful in the contemporary market in just three short years.


The General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, believes the membership model, used by Fabletics, allows them to offer trendy fashions and personalized service for half the price of competitors. During 2017 they will be opening several more physical stores adding to the sixteen locations already open. But what makes Fabletics different from other stores? First, they get to know there market through events and activities. Their current strategy allows them to build relationships and 30-50% of shoppers in the store are already members. Additionally, 25% become a member before leaving the store. As customers try on items they also appear in their shopping cart online. This can be convenient if you want to order later. Second, Fabletics wants to offer items people will purchase and wear. They use online data gathered locally to stock stores. They are aware that trends and styles change over time and location. They use local member preference data, social media inputs, and real time sales to reach a balance between global fashion trends and user preference. Third, the company strives to achieve growth through offering quality products, great prices, an authentic spokesperson, and a creative team. They span 10 countries and have grown 35% per year each year they have been in business. These factors have allowed Fabletics to take on Amazon as a real competitor to their market share.


Fabletics offers a wide variety of clothes like Yoga pants, casual tops, leggings, shorts, and accessories. These items certainly are perfect for the gym but they also can be worn for running errands with out feeling out of place, as well as relaxing in your house or yard. They offer a variety of colors and styles, and they are available in extra small through double extra large; pants are available in short, regular, and tall. Fabletics really understands that not all women are created the same, cookie cutter clothes are not what you will find here.


Why do women love this brand so much? When you sign up to join Fabletics, you will be asked to fill out a short survey consisting of questions about the way you work out and the style of clothes you prefer. This is how they get to know you, your needs, and your style. Each month which you are a paying member outfits are created for you to review and chose from. If you decide that you do not want an outfit that month, you simply opt out. Then a high quality stylish outfit will arrive at your door.

Overview of Increased Confidence of Entrepreneurs in the Brazilian Industry

Confidence in the Brazilian industry growth has suffered several setbacks from 2015. However, the optimistic reports by the president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, show an improvement of the industry. This improvement is expected to continue increasing in the coming months, something that has not happened since August.

This increase in confidence has been confirmed by the ICI (Industrial Confidence Index) that was presented back in September. From September, there was an increase of 2.1 on the index while in August, the data had suffered a 1 point decline on The ICI managed to reach 88.2 points in September as compared to the 86.1 posted in August. This is the highest result posted on the index ever since July 2014 when it was at 88.8 points, according to Flavio Maluf.

The data used by ICI is obtained after analyzing the perspective of various executives on momentary executives and those related to the coming six months. The Ibre/FGV conducts the Manufacturing Industry survey on In September, the institute had collected opinions of over 1,120 business leaders. This means that in 12 out of 19 segments that were analysed on LinkedIn, there were improvements on the prospects presented by interviewees. This was not only during the evaluation but also on the following six months.

Flavio Maluf noted that the percentage of entrepreneurs who evaluated stock was less in September when it reached its all time high ever since May, 2013 when the figure was at 7.3%. another important factor that he reported was the Nuci (Level of Use of Installed Capacity) which increased by 0.9% in September to 74.7%, the highest since December, 2015. Aloisio Campelo Junior, Public Statistics Superintendent at Ibre/FGV, commented that the outlook of the coming months remains positive as between March to September this month, the index has had a cumulative 13 points increase.

About Flavio Maluf

He is a prominent Brazilian businessman and a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is the current President of Eucatex and the GrandFood Group, owner of the Premier Pet and Golden feed Brands. Flavio Maluf mentors the upcoming entrepreneurs by considering various ways of being successful and increase their profitability when they make their businesses international. He advocates for entrepreneurs to act locally but reason globally.

Learning About The Chairman and CEO of Capital Group

Capital Group is a financial institution based in Los Angeles and has office located all around the world. Founded in 1931, the company was based on the belief that fundamental research is required in order to achieve long-term financial gains. Today it stands as one of the most respected financial firms in the world and manages over $1.4 trillion in assets under management.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group is Timothy Armour, also known as Tim. Armour has spent his career with Capital Group, starting out in the company’s The Associates Program 34 years ago. Over time he has been consistently promoted until where he now runs the country. Tim was educated at Middlebury College, from which he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

One of the large events in Capital Group’s history was when the company partnered with Samsung Asset Management in 2015. In this partnership the two companies will cooperate in order to develop active investment strategies in South Korea. Under the agreement Capital Group will teach Samsung Asset Management about how their active management system works, and provide guidance in areas like client and business management. About the partnership CEO Timothy Armour stated that the “broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.”

Janet Yang is a respected Director of Multiasset and Alternative Strategies, and works for well known financial ratings firm Morningstar. In an article on the website she discussed why she rated Capital Group’s overall grade as an A and provided her insights on the management of the company, including Timothy Armour. She stated that Capital Group is one of the industry’s strongest stewards of investors’ capital and cited the company’s 80 year history as evidence of it being a lasting company. She gave Capital Group’s culture an A due to it’s strong long-term results and its commitment to its financial advisors. In particular she said that because investors, such as Timothy Armour, have managed the company and set its business direction, she believes the company’s success will continue on.

Timothy Armour became Chairman of Capital Group after the unexpected passing of the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. He was already Chief Executive Officer of the company, and the committee’s chair, so his progression to Chairman was seen as a solid decision by Janet.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Witnesses Massive Growth And Plans On Expansion

Organic Authority reported that Waiakea water had a humble beginning and aimed to contribute sustainably to health and various charitable initiatives. But, it managed to impress its customers that returned for more, and in just three years of opening up, saw a massive growth. It recently announced that it has grown over 5,000 percent since 2012.

This is huge figure and a remarkable achievement by any company. The company’s products are available in 30 US State spread over 2,000 stores. As the international demand continues to grow rapidly, the company announced that it would be installing a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii to meet the shortfall in supply of Waiakea spring water.

According to Baby Boomster, even though Waiakea water is a relatively young brand in the sphere of volcanic water brands, it has risen to the top in a fairly short span of time. This is especially because the company offers that no one else does – Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

For its innovation and contributions towards corporate and healthcare responsibility, Waiakea water was given the most awards in the year 2015. The water offered by the company comes from the active Hawaiian Volcano and passes through a natural filtration system in the form of 14,000 feet of volcanic lava rocks.

This entire process of natural filtration takes around thirty-three days, which along with it being far from industrial and city pollution makes Waiakea water naturally pure and give it that distinct sweet taste.

The founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ryan Emmons said that he is proud of the achievements company has accomplished in just a few years.

He also added that thanks to the growth in sales and awareness about the benefits of volcanic water, the company has been able to donate over 500 million liters of pure water to underprivileged people in different parts of Africa.

The company in collaboration with Pump Aid follows the mission to help spread awareness and encourage consumers to “drink ethically,” for which the company itself donates 650 liters of pure drinking water for every liter the company sells.

The company also sells another product that is loaded with electrolyte and minerals and is alkaline naturally, which the company assures is sourced from the purest places.

The company chief also said that the success of the company lies in the fact that they chose a different path, and did things differently. To validate that, he added that Waiakea water is the first premium bottled water to get CarbonNeutral® certification. The company’s net worth stands at $10 million for now and is growing annually at the rate of 170 percent, which is impressive, to say the least.

Review of How Fabletics has Gained Success through the Reverse Showroom Technique

It is not easy for a product to do so well in the e-commerce market given that Amazon have 20% of it under its control. However, Fabletics has managed to do just that as it has managed to grow its business to $250 million in just three years. Fabletics, which is associated with Kate Hudson, forms part of an ‘activewear’ growing movement that relies on a subscription mechanic to move its merchandise to customers. This kind of premise is easy as customers prefer brands that are both aspirational and push them a bit. If this is mixed with membership and convenience then the brand gets a formidable combination.

Economics Shift

Historically, the high value brands were defined by their prices and quality of their goods and services. However, a recent economics shift has rendered this combination incapable of guaranteeing success and competitiveness. There are fresh things like customer experience, exclusive design, last-mile service, gamification and brand recognition elements are the new determinants of what entails high-value to the modern consumers. Fabletics has employed a strategy similar to what Warby Parker and Apple use and its positioning and strategies are paying off well in form of additional physical stores. There are more stores that have opened up, adding to the previous sixteen operating in Illinois, California, Florida and Hawaii.

What is Fabletics’ Secret?

Gregg Throgmartin, the general manager of Fabletics, in answering what is the secret behind the success of the brand believes it is the building of a reimagined and modern version of a high-value brand from the initial. Fabletics’ membership model has allowed the brand to offer on-trend fashion and personalized services at half the competitor’s prices. He added that it was much easier to make customers happy when a brand understands who they are and their needs.

Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics encourages the reverse showrooming technique unlike the other brands that are getting massacred by showrooming. Showrooming refers to an instance where customers browse offline and then proceed to make their purchases from cheaper avenues. Fabletics turned browsing to a positive thing and its strategy enables it to build correlations, be reliable and understand the local market better through various activities and events. This ensures that over 30-50% of all people walking into Fabletics are members and a further 25% gain membership while in store. Fabletics does not mind if a customer does not buy in store as any clothing they try on goes to their shopping cart online and it offers retail services.

In addition to reverse showrooming, Fabletics has also grasped the idea of ensuring that the right content is always shown in the digital and physical as crucial. This ensures a consumer’s brand journey is not destroyed. Lastly, the growth of Fabletics has been down to focusing on people, culture and accessibility.

About Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics deals with female sportswear and accessories (athleisure). The brand thrives on offering its customers/members with outfits that have been personalized to meet their preferences in both lifestyle and fashion. It is a subsidiary of the TechStyle Fashion Group (formerly JustFab). Kate Hudson and TechStyle’s co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg launched Fabletics in 2013.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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The Kabbalah Centre and its Benefits

When it comes to your spirituality, it is never something that you should take for granted. As with anything in your life, you continuously grow and develop your faith in God in a way that grows and fits you. In this regard, there are a lot of areas of faith that you can turn to, including the Kabbalah. You can turn to the Kabalah Centre in order to learn as much as you can about this tenant of faith. If you would like to learn more about this type of spirituality and how it can be useful to you, read on and consider these points.

#1: Kabbalah works on your subconscious mind

One great benefit of this area of faith is that it helps you to work on your subconscious mind. You will be able to understand why you do what you do and can rewrite and repair your subconscious mind. This area of spirituality does so in a practical way through affirmations, meditations and other practical means.

#2: You will re-route your life in the form of an adventure

In the Kabbalah, your life is seen as an adventure that is always a work in progress. By looking at it in this manner, your challenges will seem like inevitable parts of the process as opposed to trials and tribulations.

#3: It is incredibly practical

One reason that people gravitate toward this area of spirituality is because it is so incredibly practical. People often call it Western yoga due to the fact that it matches Eastern spirituality facets with a style that meshes well in the Western world. It gives you the opportunity to apply these principles to your personal life, your business life, your love life and relationships and so much more. This gives you all that you need to put things into perspective.

There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy when it comes to this area of your spirituality. It will allow you to take full advantage of the way that you think, the way that you feel and the way that you pattern in shape your life. If this is something that interests you, one way to go about it is by stopping by the Kabbalah Centre in order to learn more. There is a lot to be garnered from this area of faith, so take it upon yourself to learn all that you can and enjoy these benefits in the process.