Projected Support Exceeded By End Citizens United Towards 2018 Election Cycle

After the United States Supreme Court’s 2010 decision, End United Citizen’s grass roots efforts has received unprecedented support by the voters. With unprecedented financial backing of the voters, End Citizens United has raised more than $4 million with the upcoming 2018 elections set to begin. The average member donation received by the organization is $14, making it one of the most-supported political action committees the country has seen in a very long time.


Following a heightened political season in 2016, End Citizens United determined an exceptional opportunity within Congress, for receiving support of the mission of campaign finance reform. Members of Congress who have provided their support and have aligned with the PAC will play more than a marginal role in the 2018 election cycle. Those who have pledged participation of bringing change to the political process and ending corporate financial influence over politicians, will be the relied upon to bring power back to the people.


End Citizens United is projecting to reach $35 million in donations from voters all across party lines. Those donations are expected to remain comparable to what the organization has received to date. Due to its traditional obligation as a PAC, End Citizens United is unable to rely on donations higher than $5,000 from any one member, however; it is very unlikely it would even be necessary. Based upon preceding donation results leading into the 2018 election cycle, the staggering numbers reached by End Citizen United, position the organization in the right direction, for a favorable outcome.


Since their establishment in March 2015, End Citizens United has operated in a direction that has surpassed the expectations of every campaign finance watch dog group. The results can only be defined as impressive, steadfast momentum and grassroots efforts at its best form of creation.


The organization is determined in fighting back against the political establishment and bringing change to a broken process. End Citizens United sees the current political process as a way, for billionaires and corporations, to gain access to political power through financial support of certain politicians. Their broad coalition towards campaign finance reform has built a consensus within the minds of their supporters, and they’re determined in holding those who are accountable, for their actions.


With a gaining leverage on politicians, End Citizens United is also building agreement within several other campaign finance groups, and they have joined forces in order to build further power to succeed against what they define as a corrupt system.


A fair amount of politicians see the efforts by End Citizens United as the only way to a political life-line and to bridge a gap among their constituents. Voters have already made their voice clear in ways of member donations and pledging their unprecedented support to the organization.



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