Steve Ritchie Assumes Duty of Regaining Trust

Steve Ritchie, the Chief Executive Officer of the world’s third largest pizza delivery company, makes an “I’m sorry” apology to Papa John’s customer in a letter sent out in an email to the company’s customers. According to Wikipedia, the purpose of Steve Ritchie’s apology was to do some damage control in the wake of the racial controversy buffeting the company. This controversy has had a negative impact on sales of the company’s pizza and threatens the future of the company. As such, Steve Ritchie’s apology was absolutely necessary. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie denounces racism, empathized with offended or hurt customers, and stated that racist behavior from an employee would not go unpunished. And he distanced himself and the company of 120,000 employees from the person who seems to have racist views.

Aside from offering a sincere and direct apology, Steve Ritchie promised that transparent actions will be taken by the company. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns hopes to quell issues regarding the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness by retaining independent auditors to inquire into these issues. Steve Ritchie has absolutely no doubt that the company can pass muster concerning those issues and undoubtedly on that basis decided upon promising to take that action. Another action specifically promised by Steve Ritchie is that the company’s senior management team, which includes himself, will be traveling across the country to visit their franchises and to talk to their employees to obtain their feedback concerning the matter. Throughout the process of winning back Papa John’s customers’ trust, Steve Ritchie promises to be completely transparent with the company’s customers and desires that they hold him personally accountable. Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) concludes by appreciating the loyalty of Papa John’s customer and attribute credit to them for making the company what it has grown to become—the world’s 3rd largest pizza delivery company.

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