The Entrepreneurial Doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna

It is believed that some professions and career options can be more demanding than others. The field of medicine is one that tops that list. However, Dr. Mark McKenna, licensed in medicine and surgery in Georgia, proves otherwise.

After graduating from Tulane University alongside practicing in medicine, he started his own real estate firm. From the very onset, he had been able to tap into the niche in the market. He realized that the field of real estate was a viable venture and he dived into it head on.

After working for about ten years in the medical field, Dr. McKenna realized that he could do something in aesthetics. Therefore, he invented OVME which is a one of a kind innovation in the medical field. One cannot mention aesthetics in medicine and fail to call on Dr. McKenna’s name.

One may be wondering how he is still able to advance his skills in entrepreneurship. Well, he does not even have an academic background in business studies yet has been able to venture into that field and been successful. It is because Dr. Mark McKenna is a knowledge seeker.

Mark is an avid reader. He believes that in books there are indeed hidden treasures and fountains of knowledge and only those who tap into these can be successful. This is one of the things that has enabled him to advance in his business ventures. More than that, he ensures that he has set goals which he plans to achieve whether in long-term or short-term.

Dr. Mark McKenna is also keen to check the company that he keeps. He is careful to ensure that he is around people who can build him into being greater. Furthermore, Mark has role models and people whom he looks up to.

It is of importance to note that Dr. Mark McKenna leads a healthy lifestyle too. This, he does by ensuring that he includes fitness into his daily schedule. He is also blessed to have a family, being married Gianine, with whom they have born a daughter together. They also have a dog as a pet.

Truly Dr. Mark McKenna inspires people to push for excellence in as many fields as they can. He inspires those around him to strive and get out of their comfort zones.

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