The Joy Of Belonging To A Professional Organization With Robert Ivy

Going to school and in-service course are some of the ways people learn how to do their jobs. As the market changes it is important to keep up with trends. Another way to keep abreast of change and new information in one’s field is joining a professional organization. A professional organization is usually an organization made up of people of a shared professional for instance the professional organization in the united states is the Architecture Institute of America. The Architecture Institute of America is headed by Robert Ivy.

There are a number of benefits to joining a professional organization. To begin with, a professional organization provides an opportunity for networking for a particular group of professionals. A lot of professional organizations hold annual conferences and other events where members can meet and share. During these events, they can learn from one another, talk about available opportunities and even come up with solutions to problems they may have in common.

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Joining a professional organization means that a professional is increasing the power of the professional organization he or she has joined. According to Robert Ivy although the Architect Institute of America has a smaller pool of professionals than other similar organizations it has been able to sway the decision in a tax legislation. As a member of a professional organization you increase its power to lobby on issues that affect the profession.

Being part of professional organization also means that one gains credibility. Robert Ivy points out that at Architecture Institute of America there are a number of values that professionals must have. They also give membership to people who have attained certain academic qualifications and therefore being a member gives one an edge over non-members. Holding leadership positions ensures that one’s leadership qualities are exposed.

Before joining a professional organization it is important to ensure that it serves one’s needs. There are organizations for young professionals and there are others that cater to the more experienced. It is important to ensure that one can afford the charges and find out whether their employer can cater for them.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO of Architecture Institute of America. Before joining AIA he worked at the Architectural Record. He was named Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. He currently received Noel Polk Award.

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