The role of Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia is a creation of Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker. Holm came up with the idea and invited Walker to develop it. They opened the first office in 2013, and the growth since then is impressive. The company is running quite well four years down the line. It is securing the future of clients who have come to them for support and guidance.




Infinity Group Australia is all about securing the future of Australians by ensuring that they are utilizing a substantial amount of their budgets on processes that will give them a better future. Infinity Group helps clients repay their loans in the shortest time possible. One of the challenges that face Australians is mortgage repayment. Many of them struggle with debts for 30 years, as they continue repaying exorbitant loans.




This kind of struggle that will keep one living at the mercies of the loan provider should be avoided by working with Infinity Group Australia. They provide their clients with personal bankers who will help the clients manage their finances nicely. No matter how much you are earning, they make sure that any loan that you have is repaid in the shortest time possible. Instead of waiting for 30 years to complete a mortgage repayment, you can manage to finish within seven years of working with them.




A financial coach can have a significant impact on one’s financial life. Once a client cooperates with the financial coach, they will come up with a working plan that will see the client save a lot more, which can go to loan repayment, savings or investments. Infinity Group Australia encourages its clients to come up with weekly budgets which they deem manageable compared to others.




Infinity Group Australia reviews.




The best thing about working with this company is that you can leave your financial life in their hands as you go about other businesses. You can treat your family to a holiday without worrying about the spending since someone is keeping track of your financial life.




From customer reviews, it is clear that Graeme Holm and his staff are doing a great job of assisting Australian secure their future. They treat their clients’ base as family and not income generators. The success of the client comes first. Learn more :




The success secret




Graeme Holm attributes the success of Infinity Group Australia to collaboration with the customers. The culture of the company is one that supports career growth of the employees while at the same time offering excellent customer services.


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