US Money Reserve Places New Photos In New Website

US Money Reserve saw a golden opportunity to bring new customers to its precious metals sales website by changing the structure to be compatible with more devices. The technical team renovated the webpage to make it more graphically appealing and interactive for tablets and mobile phones of both Android and Apple operating systems.

This new website also has more photos for users to browse of rare coins and historical numismatics, and you can even have a look at the liberty and eagle platinum coins. The new website also makes access to investing information much easier, and there’s a page for visitors with introductory material from US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl.

Philip N. Diehl has helped US Money Reserve gain credibility and increase profits while delivering top level customer service, just as he did as US Mint Director. He was appointed to that position by former President Bill Clinton and highly commended for eliminating waste and saving costs for minting.

The Mint gained billions in revenue and was able to see a large return on savings to taxpayers, and part of this was due to the rollout of the Mint’s ecommerce platform. This website was highly reviewed by a business journal at the University of Michigan. Diehl was also a key individual behind the proposal to mint a platinum coin.

Diehl brought his experience to the US Money Reserve because he felt he could help others understand why gold and silver need to be a consideration for portfolios. Gold and silver have been valuable throughout the world’s history and can never have a zero-sum value. Paper currencies are always vulnerable to inflation, and when sovereign debts pile up they could crash and cause people to lose their assets.

Gold and silver are not vulnerable to these conditions, and by having your assets backed in them you’ll have them protected from inflation and precious metal coins can be used as legal tender.

Understanding investing in gold and silver can be straightforward, so US Money Reserve has free gold information kits on their website. You can even transfer your IRA into precious metals through guided steps.

US Money Reserve uses Client-Connect Advantage to bring live customer support even while customers are offline, and the reps can guide you through both purchases and returns or troubleshoot a transaction problem. To find out more about the purchase and transfer processes, visit the company website at

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