Wes Edens Big Investment

Wes Edens, a private equity investor and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, has taken up the task of helping resolve the massive traffic problem of south Florida by constructing a train line between Miami and Fort Lauderdale known as Brightline. If there were no traffic to slow one down, the trip between the two cities takes around 45 minutes. It is extremely rare for there to be no traffic—or even lighter traffic—so it usually takes drives at least twice as long. The Brightline makes the trip every single time in just 30 minutes. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

It’s one-way Smart Service coach costs passengers just $10. This price is expected to rise much as the line gets longer. Since opening its first stretch, the line has also added another stretch to West Palm Beach with future plans to continue it to Orlando. This last stretch will be the longest so the train will get as fast as 135 mph. As its status now stands, Brightline is the only privately owned and operated train line in the country. After completing the entire Florida train line, Wes Edens plans to build similar lines in other areas of the country that have serious traffic problems.

Wes Edens entered professional life by earning a B.A. in Finance from Oregon State University. He then immediately began working in several different positions in the financial industry. In 1998 he co-founded Fortress and became its co-chairman and co-CEO, positions which he still holds. This quickly made Edens an extremely rich man. In 2014 he and a partner became co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. This past January, he and his partners sold Fortress to SoftBank Group Corp. for $3.3 billion. However, all of the top leadership of Fortress has remained unchanged. Wes Edens has agreed to remain with Fortress for five more years.

Learn more: https://www.newfortressenergy.com/about-us/wes-edens


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